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Monday, September 3, 2007 for Apple! Apple....gone WRONG! VERY VERY WRONG!!! It all started when I was flipping through my latest issue of Wondertime. I love this magazine. It isn't a typical parenting magazine. The ideas are fresh, and the photography is inspiring. This issue set us on the path to the autumn season, and thus came with some great fall activities. One of the great fall ideas involved making an everyday apple into a dried old friend. Being that I am freak, and get really giddy when introduced to a new project such as this, I eagerly set to making it happen.
I carefully peeled an apple I found in the crisper of my refrigerator. It had been there for far too long, and was a little soft. I am certain that the apple was relieved to finally have a purpose other than laying around unwanted in that bottom crisper next to the stinky old cauliflower.
Next I soaked the peeled apple in a solution of water, lemon juice, and salt for approximately 5 minutes.

After I saved the drowning apple from it's sour, salty bath, I proceeded to carve a face as if it were a Jack O' Lantern, minus the hollow center. I think it turned out rather scary cute. Don't you agree? Sugar Bear, actually found it pretty irresistible. It took major effort to keep her from taking a big old bite out of it.

The next step in the process is to place it in a warm area, and let it dry for 2 weeks or so. Being that we were having fairly warm weather lately, I just set it out on your deck railing. Each day, I took a picture of it to document the drying process.
Here it is after one day:

I have to admit I was pretty surprised at the change in just one day. It was this day that I became endeared to this little apple, and started to refer to him as Larry.

Day three:

Larry started turning a bit brown, but I liked to think he was just getting a nice healthy tan.

Day four:

Is it just me, or does Larry look a lot happier with his new look? Isn't his smile beautiful?

Day five:

It was this day, that I became a tad concerned for Larry. Both Sugar and I were worried that he looked sick. Sugar Bear wondered if his "tummy hurt", and I was concerned he might have acid reflux.

Day eight:

A few days went by without photos, as it had begun to rain. Regardless, of my concerns for Larry, I couldn't risk getting my fancy new camera wet, now could I? When the sun finally emerged, we were shocked to see that poor Larry's ailments were compounding. He now appeared to have horribly sunken eye sockets. I worried that the sun reflecting off the rain puddles might be irritating his obviously hurting eyes, so I moved him into the house for a few days.

Day eleven:

It was a sad, sad day, when I regretfully carried Larry out to the deck for his final portrait. It appears that during his previous days in the rain he somehow became infected with some sort of hideous virus causing him to breakout in a nasty rash. In some places, he even appeared to be rotting away. I am certain that is a bad sign. He was a thin shell of who he once was. He was NOT the gentle soul I was told he would become. Just looking at him made me disgusted sad. Sugar Bear declared him to be, "yuckedy!" So I we said a few nice words about him, and threw him over the fence, into the blackberry thicket. Last I saw, he was being packed off by a mischievous raccoon. I like to think he appreciated my efforts to end his suffering, but I can't get his sad little cries, as the raccoon bit into his face, out of my head. Oh well....sometimes there is sacrifice in the process of creativity. I've gotta just let it go.....let sweet Larry go.....sigh.

I am, however, pleased to announce that Sigfried, the Fugi, is patiently awaiting his opportunity to bathe in the sour, salty goodness and attempt to beat the 11 day mark. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted! You can count
on me.

13 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

LOL! I saw this in Wondertime, too, and I thought it looked like a rather fun project. I wonder how many apples they went through to get the great looking shot they did?

Poor Larry . . .

Laura said...

I love you, Corey! This post made me laugh and laugh! I especially loved the part where Sugar Bear thought maybe Larry had a tummy ache! LOL

Thanks for always bringing us along on your adventures!

Maude Lynn said...

Eeeeek! I can just picture myself trying to convince Baby Puppy that it was time for Larry to go!

MommyOfThree said...

haha, you always bring a smile to my face :) Great project !

Michelle said...

I love reading Wondertime too...what a great mag! I remember the article about the apples and thought this looked interesting! How neat you were able to do it!

Anonymous said...

Corey - I love this post! So cute, your daughter calling him "yuckedy!" : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh! This was great!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Corey I love this post.
Poor Larry, he just wanted to be loved.

Lori said...

I love it! We used to make those apple faces. And then we'd put them on a stick and put Barbie clothes on them! Ah, the good old days before video games!

Pickel said...

I love wondertime and saw that too! In my experience there is NO possible way that mold could not form. Its called PHOTOSHOP.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by the Mother Approves Blog!

Nora said...

Oh poor Larry, lol! What a cool idea...I loved reading about Larry. And the pictures are great!

holly said...

oh maaaan this was great!!!

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