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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday~Yesterday

Annie seemed to think she was being easy on us by choosing such an easy theme, but this will be my first post on my blog where I simply talk about my day. I find this a bit intimidating, as I tend to think my "everyday" isn't all that interesting, but here goes.

I woke about 3 minutes before Sugar Bear this morning at 7:12am. I pulled her into bed with hubby and I, so that I could be lazy a little bit longer. Luckily, Sugar was content until nearly 8. We got up, and went about the breakfast tasks. Nothing exciting. Sugar Bear ate yogurt while watching "The Upside Down Show."

I called my SIL to see if she had time to give Sugar Bear her first real haircut, and she did. (I'll be posting about the hair cut another day.) However, before we could drive into town for the haircut, I needed to unload the truck load of firewood out of my pickup. There was no way I was going to leave it in there a moment longer. It really affects the gas mileage....and we all don't want that. So, I proceeded to re-organize the woodshed, so that there would be room for the new wood. Sugar bear helped by moving small sticks around, and acting adorable. After I prepared a spot for the wood, I unloaded and stacked the new wood. It was great exercise, and we all know I don't often get time to do that.

When that business was done, Sugar and I headed in to town for her haircut. We grabbed lunch at Taco Bell....WHAT? I deserved it...I had worked out, right? Anyhow...we fueled up the truck, and pulled up to my brothers house. After the haircut, Sugar played with her cousins for awhile, and we headed home in time for nap. Oh....and we both napped. THAT was the highlight of my day.

After nap, hubby cooked dinner, while Sugar Bear and I picked Blackberries. After our meal, the girl and I washed our truck. It really needed it. Then.....we had or bath, book, and bed time fun. After Sugar was sound asleep, Hubby and I watched "Fun With Dick And Jane!", our recent Netflix pick. It was okay, but the cuddle time on the couch was nice.

That leads us to now. It is nearly midnight, and I am typing this up. See....boring day, but honestly that is how I like them. Oh...and in case you were wondering what hubby did all day....besides cooking breakfast and dinner....he didn't get off the couch. Now he....had a boring day.

10 Live It or Love It:

Laura said...

Sounds like a great day to me! :) Just the right mix of projects, plans, and just plain hanging around. Oh, and Taco Bell, of course!

Annie said...

It doesn't sound that boring to me! work, hair, food! You were busy!

Irene said...

Isn't that what happens most of the time? One starts with a task in mind, then there is something else that must be accomplished before the first task can be realized. I was really looking forward to reading what happened to that haircut. But you did manage it all, which is great!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty good day to me. :-)

Anonymous said...

The last line of Dick and Jane made the movie!!!

Sounds like a great day!!

My dh and I snuggled and watched a movie, too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a great day! We took our son for his first haircut over the weekend too!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I agree, not boring, but good.
Calm, cosy and comfortable.

Can't wait to hear about Sugar Bear's hair. :-)

Maude Lynn said...

A day without disasters is a good day!

Heidi said...

Yes sirree, Taco Bell after stacking firewood for sure!

I tagged you today, if your're up to it! (You may have already done this one, I couldn't remember!)

Michelle said...

it sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day!

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