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Monday, September 24, 2007 for DETERMINED!!!

Sugar Bear is a determined little honey. She rarely shys away from a challenge, and usually goes at it with gusto. I love this about her. She isn't afraid to try. I am not certain this is a trait she got from me. In fact, I am fairly sure that she didn't. I find that often, I am not all that prepared to try something new. I am not the biggest fan of change. However, some would tell you that I am adventuresome, and pretty hip to giving things a go, but.....I don't think they know that little Corey in my head that worries she won't be good at it.

Sugar isn't afraid. She will try. Sometimes she gets frustrated with things when she isn't immediately successful, but all I have to do is utter an encouraging word, and she is back at it. Since she was very young, I taught her how to ask for help when she needs it. I like to think that it is reassuring for her to know that I am there to help if she only asks. Just knowing that gives her the courage to give it a go all by herself.

Often the former preschool teacher in me comes out, and I come up with yet another great idea to make a teaching tool. I purchased some wooden beads in the craft section, and colored some of them with food coloring (I didn't have paint on hand, as I forgot to buy it when I bought the beads. Hey...I might be crafty, but I am also very forgetful.) Then I took the string off an old toy of hers that she didn't use anymore, and TA DA....we have stringing beads. These pictures are of her first day playing with them. It has turned out to be a very fun and fulfilling activity for her. She loves to count them as she goes. in total, we have 27 beads to string. Don't ask me where the 28th just might be in my dogs stomach, but seriously it is a mystery.

I am not saying she doesn't ever get that pouty, frustrated look on her face, but I am saying that she always gets back to it even more determined to succeed. She will try and try and try some more. She is determined to master the skills presented to her. It is a joy to watch her problem solve, and ask for help when she is in need. I find pleasure in gently guiding her in the right direction. In the end, it is my honor to have the opportunity to celebrate her victories with her. Life is GOOD!

7 Live It or Love It:

Meghan said...

I love her expression in that third photo... Brilliant!

Deb said...

Those are some precious photos! You really can see how determined she is - too cute! :)

My Trendy Tykes said...

She sure is determined! Love the pics!!


Anonymous said...

Awwww! I LOVE her little pouty face! The portrait of stoic determination : ) Watch out for those teen years Mom!

Autumn said...

What a great idea! Love the expressions on her face.

Michelle said...

oh I love those pictures! Her expression sure does convey determination!!

congrats on the awards in the above post!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Yay, she did so well.

Miss M is similar in that she is determind to do stuff, even stuff that is impossible for a two and a half year old to do. But we have to let them try right?

I've also taught her to ask for help if she needs it and we generally do ok.

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