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Monday, September 10, 2007 for BUNNIES!

Two bunnies, in fact....and who doesn't love bunnies? WELL....that would be me. I don't love bunnies. To be more specific....I don't love it when the hubby brings home pets without discussing it with me first. I know....I know...I sound like a serious stick in the mud, but I have a good excuse. My hubby has a job that takes him away from us anywhere from several days to several months at a time. This leaves ME in charge of caring for all pets in our home. I am a busy lady, and sometimes...I just don't appreciate MORE responsibility.

Here is a short list of animals my hubby unexpectedly brought home in the last 11 years:
-One Iguana (I didn't love it)
-One horny toad lizard (sort of cute...but it died...and hubby blamed me)
-One bunny (I think it got eaten by a bobcat)
-Two LARGE iguanas (HATED them...and they got loose too often....and we finally gave them away)
-Two Guinea pigs (one died of a sickness, and one escaped and ran away)
-One bunny (I think it was a midnight snack for a bobcat)
-and most recently.....two bunnies.

This time around....he had the gall to excitedly tell Sugar Bear they were HER bunnies, so I couldn't protest. Geeeeee....thanks! It was clever though....Sugar Bear took to these little bunnies like a PMSing mama takes to a bag of M&Ms. She quickly found the love of chasing "black bunny" and "white bunny" around our yard trying to catch them. At first she was pretty good at it too, until they wised up. In fact there was a period of a few days where only Sugar Bear was successful at getting within a few inches of them. In case you didn't know, Bunnies are FAST, and they hop a lot. Go figure!

OH....and yes "black bunny" and "white bunny" are their offical names. If you noticed in a previous paragraph....bunnies tend to meet their maker around here pretty quickly, so I thought it best to keep it alittle impersonal. In fact, three weeks into our relationship..."white bunny" ran away. Sugar bear has hope that "white bunny" might come back for a visit some day, but I am not holding my breath.

"Black bunny", however, is alive and kicking. Three months later, and we have a record. I can't say that I have much responsiblity for this "pet" either, as "black bunny" lives on our property, but is NOT contained. He is a free spirit. Actually, I have seen him spending quite a bit of his time 3 properties over, near a rather large blackberry patch. He does, however, like to come taunt our dog when she is in her kennel. I get a real kick out of coming home from work to find the bunny teasing the dog by hanging out within inches of the kennel. Poor Daisy dog! What a mean "black bunny"! I can almost hear him saying, "neener....neener....neener....can't get me!"

I do have to admit that of all the unwanted pets.....bunnies really are pretty choice. They are cute.....soft.....cute.....they eat grass.....cute....they can be self sufficent.....and have a sense of humor (teasing the dog). I'd say having a wild bunny in my yard is a heck of a lot better then coming home to notice that the four foot lizard isn't in it's cage. Ummmm....I don't care who you are, even if you know you are looking for a four foot still scream like a girl when you find it under your bed. least I do. So, needless to say, bunnies aren't so bad! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't scream if I saw this cute face under my bed....well...unless it is dead or something. Rest in peace, "white bunny"! You are missed!

8 Live It or Love It:

Deb said...

Aww, they are cute though! We've never done bunnies, although we've tried gerbils, fish and a guinea pig. And our two cats (although a previous one died). I have to talk Ron out of getting additional pets every so often - thankfully he hasn't brought any home without asking first (yet).

I suspect at some point we'll end up with a dog of some sort since we have two doggie-crazy kids, but I'm insisting that we wait until the kids are older. :)

we are reilly said...

I can SEE your pictures again! YEAH -- and those of some pretty looking bunnies -- you take such GREAT photos! Now I have to go through and look at all the photos I missed this past month....

thekids07 said...

Bunnies (like us) Rock!

Buns and Chou

Anonymous said...

Corey! You mean that black bunny I see living in the blackberry bushes is Sugar Bears???? OH my! He's so cute. He's just brave enough to let us see him when we go by, but quickly sneaks back into the bushes if we get close. Smart one, that black one. I'll let you know if I see a white one...

Anonymous said...

Well, at least you got some adorable photos out of the deal : ) I love the one of your little girl chasing after them!

Meghan said...

Oh man... cute or not... I would be SO PISSED OFF if Manthing brought home more pets for ME to take care of. That is just so not cool.

Luckily, the bunnies are outdoor roamers. You are a tolerant woman to hang on to the other "gift pets" that have been left for you to tend to. As much as I love animals, I want to be prepared and be able to give them the proper care and time they deserve. To foist unwanted pets upon someone is just so... so... irresponsible!

Okay, rant over.

They really are cute... and I love the photos.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Corey, love the bunnies.

Would kill Mr B if he ever came home with one.

Great photos though.

Michelle said...

oh I would be so mad at my hubby if he brought all those animals home w/out talking to me first! :) The bunnies are cute though, sorry the white one ran away!

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