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Friday, January 9, 2009

24 To Go...

The week of New Years, Sugar Bear spent three days up on the farm with Grandma and Papa.  She thoroughly enjoyed all the farmy activities of feeding the cows, and chickens.  Much like all the other times she as visited, each evening, I enjoy our phone call where she describes her day, and lets on to anything she thinks I might find pertinent.  She specifically likes to inform me of things Grandma didn't know, and she had to inform her.  I hear that it is common for my mom to be accosted with, "My Mom says........(fill in the blank)!"  It tickles me a bit, to hear these stories, because at least I know she is listening to me.

The funny thing is....often it isn't something I have actually said.  Recently she had mentioned, "My mom says that Kool-Aid doesn't make us healthy and strong!"  Well, to be honest, I have never said that about Kool-Aid, but it is something I WOULD say.  This makes me wonder if she is not only listening, but LEARNING from what I say.  Woo Hoo.....Rock On!  Cause let's face it....Kool-Aid really DOESN'T make us healthy and strong.  This only proves that she is Brilliant.   Sugar particularly likes to tell me about it, while on the phone, then gloat to grandma, that she was right!  "I told you Kool-Aid doesn't make you healthy and strong!"  Seriously, I think grandma might literally SNAP one of these days, and tell her that 'her mom doesn't know everything.' FOR SHAME! 

During this last visit, Sugar Bear enlightened Grandma on a subject that neither of us was expecting.  While, my mom was cooking dinner, Sugar Bear happily skipped into the kitchen and the following conversation occurred:

Sugar: "Grandma....Grandma.....Did you know there are 26 bad words?"  

Grandma:  (halting her task) "Oh really!  26, huh?"

Sugar:  (happily) "Yup.....26!  

Grandma:  "hmmmm....interesting!"

Sugar:  (looking both ways, as if trying to ascertain that it was just the two of them in the room, and whispering) "I only know two of them!"

Grandma:  ( A bit intrigued) "Two of them, huh? Which ones?"

Sugar:  (Moving closer, and still whispering) "Stupid"

Grandma: (Not surprised at all, as Sugar corrects her 8.7 times a day) "Of course....yes....and what is the other one?"

Sugar:  (without hesitation)  "Dammit!"

Grandma: (stifling a giggle)  "Oh yes....that is a bad one!"

Sugar:  (Quickly) "Don't tell my Mom, I said it."

Grandma:  (Pretending to be horrified) "Oh no....I wouldn't tell mama, don't worry."

Sugar:  (Smiling) "Okay, cause I didn't really MEAN to say it!  It was an accident!"

And she happily skipped out of the room, while my mom let the giggles loose.  

~20 minutes later during dinner~

Grandma:  (Addressing Papa) "So did you know there are 26 bad words, and Sugar knows two of them?"

Sugar:  (Before Papa has time to reply) "GRANDMA!  Don't tell him!  What would mama say?"

Tee Hee..needless to say, this shockingly DIDN'T come up that evening when I called.

***For the record....I have no idea where she came up with the number of 26, but is incredibly cute, huh?***

21 Live It or Love It:

Cupcake Dessert said...

how incredibly cute is that!! i love the Kool-aid.. and that she made stupid a bad word.. as it should be!! :)

Aunt Julie said...

Sounds like you're raising a good-un! I wonder what the other 24 bad words are?

Marcelle said...

Oh my word what a cutie pie...I so enjoyed this entry and you had me giggling hubby wanted to know what was so funny!!!

The things kids say and precious!

Autumn said...

OMG the irony of this post is astounding. Bug and I had a very similar conversation this morning and I came to blog about it. Don't you love their innocence?

Aspiemom said...

I love it! That is so funny! Glad she recognizes "stupid" as a bad word.

Anonymous said...

HaHaHa! That's FABULOUS! I love hearing how they see the world. What a cutie she is!

Anonymous said...

That is FUNNY! Oh my gosh!!

Irene said...

How sweet! My kids also think "stupid" is a bad word and only utter it in a whisper when they are repeating what they heard.

So sweet, yet so sad because you know this innocence only lasts a few years. But I would definitely rather bring up my kids thinking words like "stupid" are bad than having them repeating actual "bad words" because they actually hear them on a regular basis.

Have a great weekend!!!

Susan {LilbearMe} said...

HeeHee! That's so cute of SB. And Grandma sounds like a gem, too!

holly said...

duh, one for each letter of the alphabet!

the one that starts with 'x' is parTICularly bad.

Tabitha Blue said...

Ok, THAT is adorable!!!! Sugar is just too darned cute! I love how she didn't want you to know about it either. Cute, cute, cute.


we are reilly said...

OH, how cute! Love this story!!! My daughter likes to inform me of everyone who says bad words, "Jeffrey said stupid". we then discuss how that's not a nice word to say and we're not going to say that word at our houose. she then informs me, "well, Jeffrey said stupid at his house"......I feel like I'm always running uphill! :)

Nichole said...

lol, totally cute!!

You either have one amazingly interesting, adorable, brilliant, intriguing daughter, or you have a great ability to keep your audience interested. Either way, I think you win :) I enjoy reading!

Christina said...

Now that is just too adorable for words! Smart little cookie you've got there...absorbing even what you DON'T say!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I can only imagine what the other 24 are.

jubilee said...

How cute! Love your header - it's adorable.

You were above me in roll call this morning, so I thought I'd drop in and say 'hi."

Mikki Black said...

Cute story! and a neat blog, too. Just stopped by from SITS to say hi. Thanks for the smile.

MaricrisG said...

Kids are amazing. Just when we thot they're not paying attention, they always prove us wrong! My Daughter has proved this to me many times. Btw, I'm inviting you to join me next wednesday for DeCode Wednesday. It's a game inspired by DaVince Code. If you check my blog post for Wednesday, youll know what I mean :) See You then!


Anonymous said...

That is really cute.

I love that she is learning and putting words into your mouth.

Now I have to try to figure out if I know 26 bad words...

Anonymous said...

LOL!! That girl is just hysterical! :D I love the way your mom played along too -- grandmas are the best! ;)

Killlashandra said...

That's awesome! Who knows where 26 came from but everyone got a bit of a smile out of it and that's what she was counting on. :) Cute story.

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