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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who Doesn't Need More Parenting Insight?

One of my favorite subjects to post about here on Living and Loving, is parenting. It has been quite awhile since I have taken the time to compose further posts that delve into my parenting philosophy. I do have several ideas rolling around in my head, but it takes time to write such things, and time is not something I have a lot of right now. I hope that turns around soon.

In the mean time, I'd like to direct your attention towards two of my very good friends. Megan of Sorta Crunchy, and Laura of The Sweet Awake Escape, are not only women of whom I greatly admire, they are parents of whom their children are so very blessed to have. For some time now, they have been eluding to a writing project that they have been working on together, and I have been anxiously awaiting the outcome.

The Big Reveal was finally posted just the other day, and I have NO doubt that these ladies will be successful. So many parents or parents to be, are struggling with all the self doubt that comes with being in charge of such precious gifts. We all need support, and I think their work will be greatly appreciated by many.

I'd consider it a personal favor if you'd head over to Sorta Crunchy, and give these mamas some encouragement, and even subscribe if you are personally intrigued by their project. It takes a lot of courage to step out of their "safe place", and dream this big dream. I am so very proud of them both.

8 Live It or Love It:

Elaine said...

Hi.....thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your post also. Parenting is the most important job we'll ever have and I think it is extremely important that we all support one another. Ill pop on over to the other blogs that you mentioned and have a look!

Laura said...

Thanks so much, friend! YOU are one of my favorite parenting experts. Much love!

Anonymous said...

I know!! Isn't their reveal the greatest news :-)

Marcelle said...

I will pop over and take a read...
My parenting days of little ones are over...and did I make enough mistakes to write a book and tell you what NOT to do as I now reap the results of them as adults.
At the time we always do our best, but then years looking back one sees there is so much more you could have done had you had the insight.

In South Africa we have this magazine called Living and Loving...for parents. I bought a copy a month for years - was my bible when my kids were little...

Christina said...

That sounds awesome!

Aunt Julie said...

I have to say that my parenting philosophy is, well...not etched in stone. A little bit of this, a tiny bit of that, a whole lotta hugs and tons and tons of love. Most of all, I believe in them! Seems to work...I've got 2 wonderful young women-and I raised them up!

Momo Fali said...

I trust you, so I'm off to check it out!

Donetta said...

Hello, just thinking about you. Hope your having a nice day.

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