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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's not the Presents.....but the Presence That Really Matters

As many of you guessed, recently we reached a milestone in the house of Living and Loving.  The Sugar Bear has officially blessed this earth with her PRESENCE for four years, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the world is a better place for it.   Sugar is a complete and utter JOY, and I know not one person in her life that doesn't marvel at her easy going, and fun nature.  Her smile melts hearts, and her giggles tickle funny bones.  Blessed are those that know and love this amazing little bundle of goodness.


When folks ask me what Sugar Bear is "in to", I can only answer, "everything!"  Unlike many kids, she has no favorites, and yet she find joy in nearly anything that crosses her path.  It is only through comments from little friends that she is learning of "boy things" and "girl things".  I have tried hard to keep her options open.  I find it great that it isn't such a big deal to see a young girl enjoying trains, but find it criminal that young boys are usually not given the same freedom.  In our home, children are free to express their interests in a variety of toys, and I love that Sugar embraces this.  She is a princess loving, train driving, car pushing, music playing girl.  She also has a yearning for playing games with her mama, and I have to say I love it.  Growing up,  I certainly was a board game kind of girl.


So far, there has been little to no sign of the materialistic "give me's".  She might make a casual comment  of wanting something after seeing it on TV, or in a store, but a simple, "maybe someday!" from me, and she is satisfied.  I know this will probably change, but for now....I'm relishing that beautiful sense of contentment she carries with her through life.  


There is no lack of excitement in her heart.  She always finds a way to make every activity fun, and I thank her everyday for guiding me to always see the rainbow amongst the clouds.  I know it is cliche, but I really didn't know life could be this fabulous until Sugar Bear came along.  She authentically anticipates and expects the best life has to offer.....


...and usually isn't disappointed.  I love that she takes her time to enjoy each GIFT that her life offers her.  She doesn't tear into it, already thinking of the next.  She holds it... imagines it... slowly discovers it... and shares her experience with those around her.  There is much I can learn from her method of living.


I'm really not sure who enjoyed this passing of another year more, the one opening the PRESENTS, or the one sitting dumbfounded, by the shear blessing of her daughter's PRESENCE?  Either way.....we both felt a lot like this....



19 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

Life is good, and you are so right, there is so much we could learn about living from our little ones. My Olivia is so much like how you describe Sugar Bear. So happy and kind.

Marcelle said...

your little girl has brought joy to my daily life...looking at her face - the joy on it is wonderful for me as well as a blog reader.

happy birthday....4 whole granddaugher will be 4 the end of April and I will be in Cape Town to celebrate it with her.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sugar!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Corey- those are magical pictures! Happy birthday to sweet Sugar girl!

AnnD said...

Awwwww....Happy Birthday Sugar Bear!!!!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh Happy Birthda gorgeous Sugar Bear. Big hugs from E and M, ad big hugs to your mummy from me. Yay for 4 year olds ( I will have one soon.)

Autumn said...

Happy birthday Sweet Sugar. Your mommy loved you before she even knew that you would exist! Corey, I'm so happy that you get to be blessed with Sugar in your life. She is certainly blessed to have you for a momma.
I love the look on her face in that last picture.... it says it all!

larkswing said...

Visiting from SITS . . .she is a cutie! Great photos and such a sweet post!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear Sugar Bear!!

Leapsters ROCK!

Mary Ellen said... absolutely sweet! Happy Birthday Sugar!

Maude Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Sugar Bear!

Corey, I think that she looks more like you every day.

Anonymous said...

Aww Happy Birthday to Sugar Bear

kat said...

Life is good. Oh to be a little girl again.

Sugar looks so happy unwrapping...

holly said...

sweeeeet. the thrower got one item that made him not care about the other christmas presents. i get such a kick out of him just enjoying every bit of that tractor (he rides it all around the house), until he runs it over my toe.

happy birthday sugar bear!!!!

tommie said...

oh girlie, she will LOVE her Leapster! Happy birthday SB, I hope your birthday wish comes true!

Christina said...

Happy, happy birthday dear Sugar! Love your words, Corey!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sugar! :))))))))))))

Michelle said...

Sorry this is late, but still wanted to wish Sugar Bear, or Sug!, a belated happiest of 4th birthdays! :) Really liked the new pictures today of the snowman shaped cupcakes!

Deb said...

Oh life must be so good with such a gorgeous little birthday girl there! It looks like she thoroughly enjoyed the present-opening. :)

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