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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sleeping Is Bliss

Holy Toledo, Folks! I went to bed at 9PM last night! That is about 2-3 hours earlier than I usually do, and 4 hours earlier than I did all last week. As I stumbled into the bathroom this morning, it became painfully obvious the amount of shock this put on my body. My face is horribly puffy, my hair is standing on end, and I feel like my muscles don't remember how to work. I guess 10 hours of sleep is enough to thoroughly MESS.YOU.UP!

I hadn't intended on going to bed so early, but pure exhaustion had taken it's toll, and I fear that I am coming down with my FIRST illness of the winter season. My throat hurts, and I feel a bit like death. One of my first defenses against illness is sleep, so I trudged off to bed in hope of helping my immune system fight this puppy off!

We have a bit of "found time", this morning, as Sugar Bear has her four year Well Child Check today. I am spending it HERE, as Sugar is getting a bit more sleep as well. I'm hoping she isn't getting this cold of mine. She has been so very healthy this year. Cross your fingers for us, if you will.

Since this post is a bit blah, and I don't even have photos to show you, I'll direct you over to Blissfully Domestic, and my newest article in the Photo Bliss Section. At least there, you'll get to see Sugar Bear enjoying a bit of the last days of summer. Those were the days......

8 Live It or Love It:

Unknown said...

thanks for stopping by my blog.
I can't remember the last time I got 10 hours of sleep. I'm completely jealous.

Christina said...

Sorry you're sick! I'm sending get-well-soon vibes your way. But I am envious of your long night of sleep. Last night was NOT a good night here!

Killlashandra said...

Ack I just read this post and the lack of sleep thing sounds like it has caught up with you. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping you feel better. I know that there is a very fine line for me for not enough to too much sleep. I am (as you sound you are) often on the not enough side.

Great article on BD though.

Aunt Julie said...

Haven't you seen the news reports recently that say sleeping is good for you? Seriously...anyone who gets less than 8 hours of sleep a night is prone to getting sick a lot more often. Most doctors are now recommending 9 to 10 hours of sleep...which is a good thing, 'cause I sure do like to snooze!

holly said...

oh i know every time that the over-sleep is going to kill me, but ooooh i loves me some sleep.

and now, as it's one again, i'll go get my almost 7 hours...

Anonymous said...

If I went to bed 2-3 hours early, I'd be under the covers at 6PM. What's wrong with me??!

Tabitha Blue said...

Hope you feel much better soon... sick is no fun at all, and it just ran it's course through our home.

Oh and Corey, I didn't know you wrote over there!! How awesome!!


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