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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fish Eye Fun

oh how I love to play with my Opteka .35x HD² Super Wide Angle Panoramic Macro Fisheye Lens for Canon EOS / EF (could that name be any longer?). is always such a treat to capture a few shots with this very affordable little toy. These pictures were taken off handedly after I finished up snagging a shot for a Team Up Thursday theme back in March.

Sugar Bear was just playing around, and I couldn't resist snapping a few of my darling girl. Looking at these now....I can't help but giggle. They truly capture my life. Look at that MESS!
That is my yard. A mess. I hardly bother to try to keep it up. We have too many animals roaming free.....eating and pooping....and such. The Hubby is constantly driving through it with his jeep, or dune buggy. The moles.....they love our yard, so it is bumpy....and lumpy. Our Mini Horse is our lawn mower. She does a great job, but she drags things off the porch into the grass. She is a very curious little honey.

Even the Cat looks disgusted with the chaos that is our life. tee hee....but I'm not. It just is what it is. It is lived in. Enjoyed each day......used....and abused. We clean it up....but it looks like this sooner than later. It's all good. Life is messy....that way you know you are really living.


I know this post is sort of lame....but I'm short on time....and wanted to share these photos. Do me a favor. Take a close look and throw some ideas out here in the comment section as to WHAT Sugar Bear is playing with. I'll reveal tomorrow.

8 Live It or Love It:

Janet said...

What IS she playing with? :) For the love of money I cannot guess! I wouldn't worry about the mess by the way - its clearly a garden loved and enjoyed by man and animal alike! Lovely photographs of Sugar Bear - she is growing up!

Marcelle said...

LOL...thats a mess indeed..would drive me nuts, you know I'm a everything must be in its place sort of person and fear fear, am getting worse as I get older!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April said...

I can't see what is in her hands, but I am expecting something alive....

Autumn said...

I agree with April, something alive. She looks like she's talking to it. :) I guess a frog. My yard looked similar yesterday as I had five 6 and 7 year old boys running around dropping toys as they went!

Tabitha Blue said...

Well I love the photos, mess and all... and really that is NOT a mess. It's just life! Fun photos though, love them! I want to get a fun lens like that now :)

Kimberly said...

That is a COOL lens. I'm going to be all over that come payday. ;)

My yard is like that most days, but whatcha gonna do? That's life.

I have no idea but I'm guessing an animal or bug?

Christina said...

so totally fun! love how you captured that flare. and honey, your yard really isn't so bad. :o) I'm guessing Sugar has a pet bug there?

Joanna said...

As I am reading the comments, no one even mentioned the sun flare except Christina! The sun flare is the first thing I saw in these shots. Super cool. So fun to play with different lenses.

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