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Thursday, July 1, 2010

300 Days of Kitty......Really?

Oh my word.....have I really been taking pictures of Kitty for 300 days now? That is nuts! This year is going by so very quickly. It has been such a wonderful year, though. I just look back on my kitty pics, and I can see it. I am so blessed!

Day 294
(Kitty was so envious of Sugar's first day of swimming lessons.)


Day 295
(Kitty really gets into all the movies we've been borrowing from the Library.)


Day 296
(It was disappointing that they didn't have Kitty sized 3D glasses.)


Day 297
(Kitty wanted to catch a hummingbird, but they were NOT fooled.)


Day 298
(Sometimes Rain can be pretty amazing.)


Day 299
(But is sooooooooo much better!)


Day 300
(Kitty really is getting into the swing of this summer schedule.)


Hosted by Chris

8 Live It or Love It:

Chris said...

You know, I try not to just come here and comment that these are the most amazing pictures I've ever seen - but that's all I can ever think of to say after looking at your pictures!

No one -- NO ONE -- could mine more personality out of an inanimate object than you have done with Kitty.


cat said...

Just the most stunning pictures! I just love the Kitty thing.

Marcelle said...

I ditto Chris...You not only take amazing photo's but you have an imaginations that astounds me ~ why did I not think of that!!
You think out of the box.
I do think you must put a book of kiddy even if only to pass on to your daughter...Blurb does amazing books.

Megan Cobb said...

That one in the hummingbird feeder made me laugh SO LOUD. That's totally how cats think, isn't it? You've created such a sweet, funny character with this series. You should be so proud! And I agree, a book would be wonderful!

Jeanette said...

300 days!! Well done!
LOVE the sunflare

Christina said...

Is there an echo in here? We all seem to have the same thoughts - terrific photos, amazing creativity. You have really brought Kitty to life for all of us!

And the rain picture gets an extra WOW from me.

Anonymous said...

I second the extra wow on the rain shot!

Honey Mommy said...

I always love your pictures of kitty. The one with the rain is SO awesome!

This totally makes me want to find a "kitty" of my own. Somehow I don't think I would do nearly as well with it as you have!

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