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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Summer Evening at the River....just us girls.


No doubt....the BEST time to take pictures in the summer is the hours before sunset.....there is just something so very special about the golden light. Sadly, I rarely get to take advantage of this wonderful light, because I'm a real stickler for routine and bedtime. However, not too long ago, Sugar Bear and I were up visiting my parents at the farm and it was a good 25 degrees warmer than we usually get at home. After a long, sweltering day at a family reunion, Sugar Bear and I headed on down to the river for a quite cool off.


While Sugar Bear splashed around in the water, I relaxed on the beach with my book (well, in between taking pics, and keeping a VERY close eye on my girl, that is.)


Her recent success at swimming lessons helped give Sugar the confidence she needed to splish splash the evening away.


It was just all so very perfect. There was a slight breeze, the water was warm, and the bugs weren't.....well buggin' us!


I'm telling was delightful.


and action packed. The library MIGHT be wondering why there is a little bit of sand in the book I just returned.


As we made our way back up the creek, so climb the bank to our vehicle, the light coming through the trees was so very serene.


I had to get my camera back out of my bag. I didn't want to miss this light.


It was incredible. Sugar just happened to stand in the perfect spot to get a dramatic lighting affect.


She was breathtaking. I have not done anything to these pictures beyond my normal edits. The contrast is all true to the moment.


The glow in her was all there.....and made me smile.


Gosh....I love this kid. and the golden hour......well, it is well worth missing dinner, and have a late bedtime. What a lovely evening.....just us girls.

8 Live It or Love It:

Lisa said...

These are gorgeous Corey!
I possibly couldn't pick a favourite because all of them are.

Aspiemom said...

Corey, these pictures are just beautiful! WOW! They are incredible!

Maude Lynn said...

What brilliant captures! Sugar has the most lovely eyes.

Autumn said...

Love the last two shots of Miss Sugar. I just announced to my husband that with or without him I am going to retire on a place on the river. Even after all these years, every time I go back I feel like I'm home.

Gayle said...

I would love to walk in that creek! Great photos of Sugar and your time together. I wish I had moments like those. Seems we are always so busy....

Marka said...

Great photographs! I, too, am a fan of splashin' in a crick.

Marcelle said...

Sugar Bears looks like she was having such a fun time...oh to be a child stress or worries!

Christina said...

oooh! that light really is breathtaking!

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