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Monday, July 19, 2010

Crafty Tuesday~ The "As You Like It" Dress

I was lucky enough to be asked, yet again by the fabulous Jessica of Happy Together, to test sew another fun pattern for her. Previously, I made her Octopus pattern, The Scrappy Bee, and the Modern Tie shirt. All were fabulously fun, and a huge hit with Sugar Bear. But this one.........OH MY! It might be my most favorite yet! ♥


This is the "As You Like It" dress and shirt pattern. I decided to go for a length somewhere in between a dress and shirt and pair it will capris. Folks......I love this look.


The fabric I choose for this project worked out perfectly. Not only did it use up fabric I already just suits this pattern so well. I'm not sure I would have had a better bunch of fabric if I had gone out to buy it specifically for this outfit. It is just so bright and happy.


The plaid fabric has been sitting in my stash for....ummm....8 years or so, just waiting for the right project. Isn't it pretty?


I intended to make this a little bit big, so I could pair it over a shirt for longer wear, but I'm not sure it will work out, so we'll be wearing this little honey A LOT in the next month or so, to get major mileage out of it.


Never fear, though...I'll be making another one to replace it. I just love it that much......oh yes, I do.


Love it right down the smallest of the buttons on the front,


And the super cool tie in the back. Sigh.........


It just SCREAMS summer, doesn't it? ♥


Thank you Jessica for giving me this GREAT opportunity. I'm forever grateful!

7 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

I love the playful colors you chose for this pattern.

Gayle said...

You must have a nice sewing machine. You have such beautiful even stitches. My machine is cheap and old. I get really frustrated. It gets the job done, but not that nicely. Cute outfit.

Jen said...

I love it. You did a fabulous job and it looks so cute on Sugar Bear. Gotta love using up fabric from your stash.

Autumn said...

You are "sew" good! Sorry I have no defense.. I'm a dork. :P
I don't know why but every new outfit you make just amazes me more and more! Fantastic job. :)

Christina said...

this one really is fabulous! the fabrics so fun and cheerful - perfect for your Sugar! such an adorable design

kitchen tables said...

She is so beautiful. She looks so gorgeous in that dress. I wish my daughter is going to be like her. That girl is full of energy and so playful.

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Such a beautiful dress for such a pretty girl! I love it!

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