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Monday, July 5, 2010

Lessons at Swimming

A few weeks ago, we started a round of swimming lessons. Previous summers we have planned this activity for later in the summer when it is warmer, but I was wanting to give Sugar Bear a good start on the summer fun. That first, sunny morning of lessons, she was all smiles and just plain excited.


Unlike the last two summers, I had signed her up for a group lesson. The past two summers she had private lessons....but I really didn't feel like she was progressing, so I decided to mix things up.


The group was small....just perfect for my Sugar.


Sugar Bear bonded with her new teacher right away. I don't take such things for granted. My girl is shy...and sometimes it takes her more days to just warm up to someone than we have days of an activity. To have her accept her teacher, and move forward with the process of learning to swim that first day was a delight for me.


They started her off in the "Tots" class, even though she has had two previous summers of lessons. You see, my girl just hasn't been a fan of getting water in her face. I don't know where I went wrong. As a baby, I always just dumped the water over her head, hoping she'd never be afraid of the water, but darn it....she got some sort of soap or shampoo in her eyes when she was about 2, and hasn't been cooperative about water in her face since.


While there was lots of fun and can clearly see that Sugar Bear was NOT entirely relaxed in the water.


They spent a good deal of time working on the bubble blowing, and I could tell right away that she was WAY more confident in this task than the last two years.


This was GOOD news! I was so very proud of her.


Tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday, you'll see some pics of her second day of lessons. It has been such a wonderful process for her this summer.

3 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

So important to drown proof little people.

Autumn said...

So glad Sugar loves her swimming lessons. Bug was the same way, we have done four years of swimming lessons and after the first three he barely progressed. Finally last year his dad worked with him in our pool and he progressed more in one week with his dad then he did the previous three years of paid lessons! This year he had lessons during school for two weeks and did great.

Marka said...

Swimming is great fun! I used to teach swimming lessons, and then I progressed to coaching competitive swimmers at the high school level. Sooner or later what you've been trying to get a new or experienced swimmer to do clicks in and we're all left wondering why it took so long. Here's to more great swims!

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