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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Team-Up Thursday~ White

This week, I suggested the theme of WHITE. I wasn't entirely sure Berta's back was going to let her be very adventuresome. White is something you can find just about anywhere. As I went about my week, I was on the hunt. While, crossing the creek on my parents place, I imediately saw some small WHITE water, and knew it was going to be my choice for the theme. I love the look of running water splashing over rocks.

Berta's shot makes me smile, as Petunias are a flower that reminds me of home. My mom always planted lots of pretty petunias around the house each year.


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15 Live It or Love It:

Stefanie said...

Love your take on it.
Beautiful photos, great team work.

Aspiemom said...


Andrea said...

Fab photo, what an unusual thought for white....that is what I love most about this adventure we are all on, it really makes me think outside the box and see photography from a different angle :0)

Thanks again for another inspirational Thursday xxx

Kerstin said...

Corey - great shot. As Andrea said I wouldn't have thought about this kind of photo when I heard about the theme "white" but its soooo intersting to see how we construe themes. LOVE the way you did that photo - love the idea behind. Tried similar photos but its not that easy to get such an output!

Gayle said...

I love how you can make the water blur. I'm too busy (or lazy) to learn how to do that. I would have taken photos of my white petunias for the project as well.

jillconyers said...

Great captures of white. The colors are eye catching.

cat said...

Oh yours are stunning and Bertha's just lift the spirit. We also did a colour this week.

Tanya said...

oh my Corey that is gorgeous!!! Your shutter was at teh perfect speed!!! I've tried that SO many times but never got it right lol

Jen said...

Man, I would love to jump right into that water right now. Great match up this week.

Megan said...

i would never have thought of the "white" water -- great interpretation, corey!

Killlashandra said...

I love your white water rapids. What a fun contrasting shot with the white flowers. Maybe the flowers are running wild all over the garden. :)

Honey Mommy said...

Love the white water!

I also have petunias planted around my house and I love how cheerful they are!

Jessie said...

I would have never thought about water. Cool! Those are lovely flowers and a wonderful take on your theme. Both are beautiful!

Maude Lynn said...

Both shots are gorgeous!

Amy Jo said...

I love shooting running water! I would have never thought of 'rapids' for white, but it totally works! Nice shot!

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