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Sunday, April 10, 2011

52 Weeks of ME- Week Fifteen

Theme of the week:

Out Of Focus

I had all sorts of great ideas....but really didn't attempt any of them. While I was away from home most of the week, I just didn't find inspiration. Or maybe it's more accurate to say that I was distracted. I did take a few moments (okay...maybe it took me like 10 minutes or more) to grab a shot of myself relaxing in front of the fireplace. I wish I could tell you that it was a super relaxing moment...but was hard work, and did not turn out like I had hoped, but I got tired of trying. Instead of my feet being in focus, I wanted the fire to be in focus, but gosh darn camera would not cooperate, and I got real tired of crawling back and forth to see what I got. In the shot isn't horrible, and I learned a bit in the process, so it's all good.


Be sure to head on over to visit Jessie and Cara to see all the fabulous ladies taking part in this cool project.

2 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

Ahhhh, your photo is very zen. I like the way it turned out. It is way too hot here for a fire. It was 91 degrees on Saturday. Yikes.

Marcelle said...

I saw this entry earlier, was going to comment when my doorbell rang ( my kettlebell ) and then I forgot to come back...till I read your comment now and thought * ahhhhhhhhh *
So here I am
Taking a photo of oneself is so hard and then with all these added challenges...but you good at thinking out of the box and I love seeing what you get up to.

Princess is okay, she is very tired and says her nose and ears are bleeding ...she has a hearing problem as getting plenty ear infections, so now has gromments fitted that will stay in till she's 8 and then had her sinus's washed out...Poor little girl was in pain when she came around, but cant remember much thank goodness. She told me all about the ice cream she ate in hospital :)

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