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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A squirting good time

Yes, I do realize that I have NOT posed about our Disneyland trip, and it has been a MONTH....oh my gosh....A MONTH since we have been there. My how time flies. I promise I'll be getting to it eventually. We just had such a wonderful time, and Disney, to be totally honest....wasn't the BEST of it. Today, I wanted to share some of the pictures I took on our last day in Orange County. Don't ask me where we are in I don't know. I just know we stopped here to kill time before getting dropped off at the airport. It was PERFECT! Mar0511_0195ew WE don't have one of these fountain type play feature things in our town, so this was a new experience for Sugar Bear. It all started off with the two littles trying not to get wet, but we didn't really care if they did. It was hot, and I'm sure it was super refreshing.


There is just something about water that brings out the JOY in people. I honestly could have watched them play in this fountain all day.


It took concentration to get the timing right, and not get squirted.


But it was pretty fun when you got it wrong, and were surprised with a squirt. :)


Danny was a good helper, he tried to help Sugar figure out when to go.


He was definitely more daring at first.....


But it didn't take long for Sugar Bear to get in on the action.


I just love the sport of it all. Editing these pics made me smile all the more than actually being there. I enjoy seeing what I captured. Those moment in time.....the things I can't see unless stopped in the middle. I love her little legs and feet in this shot. She is losing the baby legs...and getting some athletic muscular legs.


Another fun pastime as trying to step on the holes in the ground to keep the water from squirting up. This could be risky.


The running.....the splashing.....the jumping, and squealing. Love it all.

Mar0511_0203ew Mar0511_0211ew

And again....these feet....and I love them so. I like that I can feel her joy...even though I can't see her face in these shots. So many things to see all at once. I'm grateful to have the photos so that I can study them and see all that was happening that day.

Mar0511_0235ew Mar0511_0243ew

You know what I didn't notice the entire time we were there? Only when I was editing the pictures did I see it! How could I have missed the fact that my girl had her sweet little fingers crossed as she ran through the fountain? Hoping and wishing to make it to the other side without getting squirted.


Go on....go back and look. Her fingers are crossed in all of the ones where her hands are in view. I honestly had no idea, and I wonder if Carol noticed either.

3 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

We messed around with one of those fountains at Universal Studios. So much fun.

Autumn said...

Man it's so cute that Sugar was crossing her fingers! Looks like fun!

Tabitha Blue said...

Hahaha, the fingers crossed is so cute. We love water too, I absolutely agree that it brings out JOY :)


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