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Sunday, April 24, 2011

OH Sugar Bear

My dearest Sugar Bear....

How many times have I wondered what it would be like to have more than one of my special girl?

Oh how I've thought about how wonderful it would be to have my love for you times 10. ♥

There are just so many reasons to wish that there were more of you in this world. It would definitely be a better place, because.....

You are so very funny!

You are always willing to GIVE...and SHARE!

You are gentle.....loving....and HAPPY!

You are my little MONKEY GIRL.....


and even though I wish there could be more and more and more of you....I'm so very blessed to be the mother of the ONE AND ONLY YOU! ♥ ♥ ♥

15 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

I LOVE these! How fun, I really need to try this some time. :)

Marcelle said...

These are fantastic...YOU ARE SO CLEVER...and the more Sugar Bears you have the better!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, who's good at Photoshop now?

Beth Cotell said...

What a sweet post and I love the pictures! Very cool.

Lisa said...

I will await your tutorial.

Keara @ Now I Know What Life Is All About said...

I have been REALLY wanting to try this! You did an AWESOME job!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! They're precious!

Christina said...

So much fun!! I bet SugarBear loved it. Okay, gotta do this with Nadia...and if I pulled out the tripod, it wouldn't even be that hard to do!!!

Heidi said...

TRRRIiiCkkkyyy ...Corey!
very cool!

Scott said...

Love the monkey girl photo. Very cool. I am going to have to try that one day.

Gayle said...

I have to know how to do that!! Showed the girls the bunny's....heard so many ohhh and ahhs. Very cute.

Jen said...

You are so creative. These are so cool.

Becky @ Rub Some Dirt On It said...

What a fabulous idea!! Sometimes I feel like one is more than enough, and sometimes I feel like I want a hundred. A great sentiment :) Thanks for coming by my blog today!

Jessie said...

I saw these on my Google reader the other morning and it put a big smile on my face. Today visiting your blog I smiled again. Wonderfully done and what a great subject :)

FaeryMom said... did you do that?

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