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Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 27


April 3rd was AWESOME! We had nice weather, and took the time for a super fun walk/bike ride on our road. It was a first for Ivy, and all together too long coming for Sugar Bear. We usually get out on these walks a whole lot sooner in the year, but we have just had so darn much rain.

April 4th was a typical Monday, until we got home and I had to dash around the house packing for both Sugar Bear and I. Sugar would be spending some time with her grandma, and cousins while I attended a conference. I always pack some movies for my girl to watch at Grandma's house. We love movies...and own a lot.

April 5th found me in the central part of our State at a resort. It was wonderful, crisp clean air, and gorgeous views. A friend traveled with me, and we listened to a book on CD. I haven't done that in ages. It happened to be a book I read last year. It was so interesting to hear it read to me. I'm not sure I like it. The reader had her own opinion of the characters, and her tone reflected that. I didn't agree, so it was strange. A character that I had read as strong...she read as whiny and needy. ugh.

April 6th was the first day of the conference. I always enjoy looking at what the vendor has displayed. These feelings bears where cute.....but the angry bear scared me. tee hee

April 7th was another day of conference, and then our boss made us an awesome dinner in our condo. He is an incredible cook, and it is always a treat to be served by him. We had fun as a group playing games like "Apples to Apples". :) good times.

April 8th was part conference, but mostly time spent driving home. We woke to a dusting of snow all around. I love it. We get such little snow around here, and it is so fun to photograph when it is a rarity.

April 9th was a delight. It was so wonderful to be back with my family, and to see how much our baby bunnies had grown....which is A LOT! Seriously....between the puppy and the bunnies....the cell growth in our house is NUTS right now. :)

So, I know I'm really behind in my blogging, but that's okay....cause I'm getting other stuff done....and I'm still takin' pics. I'll get around to posting them soon.

2 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

I'm not sure I would like a book on tape...I've never done that. And I definitely wouldn't want one I had previously read...I think I would get the same feeling as you.

Autumn said...

Bummer about the book on CD. That's like watching a movie after you read a book and they make it completely different than you imagined! Glad it was a good week for you.

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