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Friday, October 12, 2007

Four For Friday!

I know I say it each and every Friday...I know it is getting old, but seriously people can the weeks go by any quicker???? How can it be possible that it is FRIDAY again? I swear I blinked my eyes three times and it is the end of the week.

This week, I am taking the lazy girls way out. I am tired...I am busy...I am lacking in creative thought. So I will simply be listing 4 totally cool things we did tonight. If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that Sugar Bear is learning about Fire Safety this week. She obviously doesn't have it all down pat, but she is on her way. Today, I learned that our local fire dept was having an open house, so I packed up the Sugar and headed that way. I am so glad I did. We participated in the following four things:

1. The first thing they offered up was an incredibly smokey room to creep and crawl our way through before dying of smoke inhalation. I have NO idea what sort of smoke it was.....but good grief it was thick, and had a chemical smell. Sugar and I approached the curtain, and a kindly firefighter pulled it aside and let us in the room. Immediately we had to fall to our knees. We could not see 6 inches in front of our faces while on the floor. We just crawled and crawled. I hate to admit that I bumped into at least 3 strangers hiney's, but seriously....I could not see. I just kept saying, "crawl baby crawl!" and she kept saying, "I'm coming mama...I'm coming." Gosh I love this kid. She wasn't scared in the least. She just crawled right by my side. It was....ummmmm....not fun, but not...ummm horrible either. I do think it was a learning experience.

2. Once out of the smokey room we were more than happy to line up for our turn to ride on top of the fire truck. It was drizzling outside, but that didn't stop us. We happily sat atop the hoses, and waved at cars as we rode past. Sugar liked it a lot, especially when the siren was going. I wasn't nearly as thrilled to notice that when we were finished, my jeans were wet and stuck to my hiney. I despise wet jeans, and things stuck to my hiney. (This is my friend and coworker in the photo helping Sugar down from the truck....she is mostly likely going to disown me for posting this picture, but it was the only one I got that proves Sugar Bear was on the truck.)

3. After the ride, we talked to a few fire fighters, met the fire dog (a man in a Dalmatian costume), and Sugar got a bag of fire safety goodies and a plastic fire hat. What a thrill for Miss Sugar. She was surely delighted. I was preoccupied with my hiney, too bad the firefighters were NOT.

4. Finally, Sugar scored a cookie, and I snapped some shots of her eating it by a fire truck. Life is good. The camera ops did not present it was drizzling rain, dusk, and I had too wide of an angle lens. OH least I got a few. :) OH and since when are fire trucks yellow? and a yellow hat? what is that?

Have Friday everyone!

3 Live It or Love It:

Megan Cobb said...

How neat it worked out y'all could go see all that stuff at a time when Sugar would be most open and interested! Yay! She's precious and your photos were so lovely. Our firetrucks are still red, but the hats our station gives out are black. And Bean loves hers.

We see the firemen at our corner grocery every time we're in there (I guess that's where they shop exclusively for their fireman chow!) and Bean just stares at them in amazement. WOW! Firestation Mans, Mama!

david mcmahon said...

I reckon you had just as much fun as Sugar Bear (secretly)!!!!!

Michelle said...

I saw these pics yesterday but didn't have a chance to post - what great pictures! It looks like she had such a fun time. My sister is a volunteer firefighter and when we were visiting this summer she took us to her station and showed Kayla all around. I had my camera with me and planned on taking a bunch of these cute pics, but didn't realize I left the actual card in hubbys laptop back at my mom's house - I was so bummed!

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