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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sugars in the Drivers Seat? (part three)

For Christmas last year, hubby purchased this fine Four Wheel Driving Machine for Sugar Bear. As you may have noticed...he is a bit outdoorsy, so no girly Barbie or Dora Jeep for our girl. Nope, not this little Sugar. She was a month shy of 2 when she took her first spin. It was hysterical. Let's just say, she was heavy on the pedal, and light on the steering. OR maybe it is more accurate to say, "heavy on the pedal, and non-existent on the steering!" Mama got quite the workout running along side the dang thing trying to steer while she floored it and giggled with glee. She "drove" this way for about 3 outings, then suddenly, she declared that she could NOT drive it, and wouldn't even try. She would just sit at the wheel, and act like she never knew where the pedal was in the first place, and was now blind to all attempts to point it out to her. Days later, she refused to even sit in the drivers seat. The phase lasted several months. It really had us dumb struck.

So up until our fall trip east, the precious Jeep served such purposes as collecting dust, and providing excellent seating for impromptu "Drive in Movie Nights." (We can talk about the TV in the bedroom later...I'm educated, I am aware, and I'm willing to discuss it...just not right now.)

Honestly, this wasn't a half bad plan, we don't have drive-in movies around here, and it was fun sharing the "idea" with Sugar Bear. Sometimes she would even sit IN the Jeep, but usually she liked to sit on top. She is a rebel like that. Yeah...she is totally cool.

Anyhow, back to the story. Hubby, being the rustic mountain man he is, just couldn't imagine a trip to the desert without a chance to drive a super cool four by four Jeep. I mean....what better of a place to learn to drive the dang thing then a flat landscape with relatively little to run into? So along with the dog, we tossed it in the back of the truck before we left.

Once we got to the cabin, Sugar was begging to drive her Jeep. I have to admit I rolled my eyes a little knowing that she would most likely just sit there and pretend not to know how. Regardless we unloaded it and set her up to drive. Surprisingly she started to try out the pedal. At first she was hesitant....then a little more daring. I am certain now that it wasn't her "forgetting" where the pedal was or how to use it, it was her maturing enough to know that if you are going to push that pedal you dang well better know how to steer it, and she didn't, so she held back. Hubby gave her some pointers about steering, and she slowly started to get the hang of it. They also worked on reverse, as she would often get herself too close to a rock or something. She really understood the idea of reverse quickly. It was fun to see her improve in a mere 10 minutes.

Then the good times began....I got the crazy idea to encourage Sugar to "chase" me with her Jeep. This was the most brilliant form of education I could ever imagine. The motivation to run down her mama, got her learning real quickly exactly how to turn left and right. In fact, within 5 minutes she was quite able to dodge sage brush, and aim that Jeep for her mama's hiney. The evil cackling that erupted from that sweet little body, still has me running in fear. Honestly, it just might be the best exercise plan I've come up with. Look at her face....she is totally into this game.

It is also plain to see that she takes right after her mama. When driving, if you suddenly hear something funny, or the vehicle starts to act up, one must check it out ASAP!

After taking a quick look, it is usually a good idea to get out....walk around the vehicle, and then just give it a good KICK!

Soon you'll be back on the road. At least for a little while...I'm not sure the Jeep can 4 X 4 over that log...but heck...she is adventurous, isn't she?

All in all, this trip was exactly what she needed to master her Jeep. You can hardly tell how proud she is. She hides it well. Rock on Sister!

Truely, as a mama, I found myself in awe of her enthusiasm....her determination....her independence. I had to hold myself back from wanting to hover. I had to stop myself from uttering a long sting of warnings, and words of caution. I held back a tear, as I watched my beautiful daughter ride off into the sunset thinking, "Not yet baby girl....NOT YET!"

(That last picture....could very well be an all time favorite picture....sigh)

25 Live It or Love It:

Trinity said...

Oh these pictures are great! I love the picture which your girl stands on her jeep! So lovely...

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh Corey!! I am having to hold back tears now. She looks so grown up!!!!!!

Love the drive-in movie idea. Oh, if she and D were to get together, the good times they could have climbing on and around that Jeep. What a fun gift from Daddy - and I am sure it will get much more use now that she has had a taste of the open road.

Anonymous said...

Not fair. Now I want a jeep, too.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

That is awesome! She is so lucky to be doing drive in movies already. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures again today, Corey. You always capture such great angles! And Sugar Bear is precious, as usual!

I enjoyed catching up on your blog this morning after being away from a computer for a few days. I saw in an earlier post a request for a Julie to contact you. Is that me? If so, my email address is

Have a great Monday!

Maude Lynn said...

Beautiful pictures! She looks so proud of herself!

Autumn said...

Oh she is so cute. Love the picture of her riding into the sunset.

KatieBug said...

"The evil cackling that erupted from that sweet little body, still has me running in fear. Honestly, it just might be the best exercise plan I've come up with. Look at her face....she is totally into this game"

That cracked me up!
Did she ever get you?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I do love that picture too! Fabulous post!

Lori said...

What a great post! I would've loved to have seen her chasing you! We have a black one that Xander wasn't able to get the hang of, maybe I'll get it back out.

Bellevelma said...

Wonderful pictures, as always!

Snags always wanted a ride like that. I held off and held off and now he's too big.

He got his turn riding in some of the neighbors little cars though. So all's well.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad i visited your blog. your daughter is sooo cute and adventurous too! :-) that must have been an awesome experience for you to watch her master her driving skills. good job! hope to read more about the rebel! :-)

mama bear said...

I love the drive-in movie idea. I would like to try it with my kids but they would break the jeep.

My favorite picture of this entry is the one of Sugar Bear flashing the peace it!

david mcmahon said...

That is way, way cool! Interesting to know, too, where the word ``jeep'' comes from - ``GP'', meaning ``general purpose''.

Megan Cobb said...

So adorable! I'm glad you finally told us about this! (wink) Drive in movies - now that's parenting genius, right there. You know, Bean did the exact same thing with Jeeps. Drove one like a madwoman TWICE, and now can't stand to even be near them, much less in them. I think your theory is spot on. They somehow know they're not ready for it yet and they just stay away. Goodness she is cute in that HAT!

Meghan said...

I LOVE this entry! And, I have to get that Jeep for Xan. You know, when he's a bit older.

I love all the pictures (peace sign shot is brilliant), but I'd have to agree that that last one is just about perfect.

Laura said...

Oh my! Look at how grown up she looks! And how funny that chasing Mama down with a Jeep was the perfect motivational tool! LOL

My Trendy Tykes said...

I love it!!!!


orneryswife said...

My kinda girl, standing on the hood! Fun post!

Anonymous said...

She is a riot! I can just picture her flooring it in an attempt to mow you down : ) And that last photo... Wow, wow, WOW! Now you'll be emotionally prepared for that driver's permit moment, eh? ; )

Donetta said...

Oh the Joy!

Anonymous said...

awwhh, what a sweetie. i liked the last photo of her best, too. thanks for stopping by my buzz site. cheers, kathleen :)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahh Corey you are sooo funny. And sugarbear is a star.
I love that last picture, but I know what you mean.
Not yet....

Pam said...

I love that drive-in movies idea! Glad Sugar Bear finally got the hang of it. We have a shell of a Barbie car the kids like to sit in--no working motor.

Christine said...

(here from cre8...and I'm one of those who LOVE constructive feedback. I have photos on my blog and I've got a photoblog that's pretty much ignored right now; feel free to critique away!)

You asked about that last photo; it is gorgeous! The lighting is amazing and tells a story. I love how the trees are in silhouette.

The ONLY thing I would suggest would be to crop a bit off the bottom...there is something round on the ground in the center that distracts me; my eye keeps landing on it.


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