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Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Freestyle

Well folks....It's FRIDAY! whew.....I made it. As some of you know, it was a "wait and see" week for me. Here's an update. On day four of the rash, it started to slowly disappear. It is day six now, and it appears to be nearly gone. It's cause will remain a mystery. I suppose I am okay with that. Let's just hope it never comes back. I really appreciated all your heartfelt comments. It really meant a lot. Thank you! Sugar is on the mend, and I am sure she is plotting her next stunt to get mama all worked up and nervous. I think she likes that. wink wink....

~The lovely Katie, at Bugs on a Blog, tagged me this week with the 6 facts or habits MEME. :) So I am going to try to come up with 6 things you might not know about me. It is always harder than it looks. Here we go:

1. I love books. I used to actually read at least one book a week. I was a regular at the Library. I would lay in bed and read each night. I would read for hours on the weekends. Then I started getting too many magazine subscriptions thanks to eBay. By the time I got through all my magazines, more would come, and I didn't have much time for books. Then I got the nasty Internet habit, and my free time got sucked away in the evenings, and the weekends. The truth is...I miss books. I need to get back in the habit of reading books. I love to read a variety of books...sci-fi, non-fiction, mysteries, horror, and so on. As long as it is NOT a romance I'll read it. or at least I used too....sigh.

2. I NEED at least 3 blankets on me to feel like I sleep well. I think it is the weight of the coverings that I crave. I just can't sleep if the blanket is too light. The best sleep of my life was in college, when I had to sleep on a sleeping porch with 60 other girls. We had the window open and an exhaust fan going for circulation of air. It was cold, cold, cold in the winter, so I slept in flannel PJ's, a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, flannel sheets, a comforter and two afghans. I'm telling was the BEST.SLEEP.EVER!

3. My great grandmother made me a three toned pink ripple afghan in 1985. It became my blankie of choice. Besides sleeping with it every night at home, I also took it to all sleepover, off to college, and in to my married home. Here we are 23 years later, and I still use it every night. WOW! Who would have thought Red Heart Yarn could hold up so well?

4. I have always loved music. I wanted so badly to learn to play the piano. I took lessons on and off for a few years when I was about 8 years old. I just could not get a hang of it. I wasn't enjoying it like I thought I would, so I gave up. In fifth grade, I took on the Saxophone and LOVED IT! I played it for four years, then too many high school activities got in the way and I had to quit. I wish I hadn't because I haven't touched a saxophone in over 15 years, and I have since forgotten everything I learned. I am currently instrument ignorant, and that is sad. Oh...wait....I can totally rock the Kazoo.

5. As a child, I loved to swing. It had to be one of my very favorite past times. I remember swinging as high as I could, and feeling the wind on my face. I could swing the entire recess away. It saddens me to admit that I get motion sickness when I swing for longer than a minute these days. How can this be? What has changed? Why does it make me so sick now? I can't even do two rounds of "ring around the rosey" either......Sugar Bear is NOT impressed with mama's weak tummy.

6. I have the worst handwriting of all the women I know. It is seriously the ugliest, most nasty handwriting there is. It has embarrassed me for as long as I can remember. It is only getting worse with my lack of using it. I type nearly everything these days, and the other day, it took me three tries to write a legible check to repay a friend. Seriously, I am the QUEEN of "You Don't Use It....You'll Lose It" land.

Wow....that is always so much more work than I think it will be, so I chose not to tag anyone. If you are reading this and want to give it a try please do. :)

~Lastly, I just want to announce that I tend to post my Saturday Photo Hunters early in the day on Friday. Yes, I know it seems strange, but the Photo Hunt has participants from all around the world, and they have Saturday well be I do, so if I want them to view my entry, I need to have it up on Friday. Now I know I didn't NEED to explain this...but I didn't want anyone to think, I can't keep track of what day it is. wink wink...I may be losing it...but it isn't gone yet!

Have a great weekend. Thank you for all the fun comments this past week. Your rock! and yes...I mean YOU!

15 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

Kazoo music is way too underrateed these days. Rock on, girl!

mamashine said...

I think I still remember how to play a D scale on the sax. Not sure why that stuck.
I love lots of covers too!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to many of the items in your list, Corey. I especially "feel your pain" on the motion sickness thing. I used to love the merry-go-round, the fast rollercoasters, the swings at the fair. No more. I'm getting old, I guess. (Sigh) Have a great weekend!

Megan Cobb said...

Wow, we have a lot unusual things in common. On the covers/cold thing and the great sleep, I am the exact same way! I tell Al (and he's beginning to see my point) that I'm "part Bear" as it reminds me of hibernation, the way I can sleep so much more deeply and soundly when I'm all cozily buried under heavy, dense covers. I also have a special afghan from my grandmother that has lasted forever. And a quilt. And a sweater. And I cherish them. This was a great list... I totally enjoyed it. And I'm so happy SB is on the mend, poor little doodlebug!

KatieBug said...

That was fun! Thanks for doing it!

I am SO with you on the handwriting! My 5 year old BOY has better hand writing than I do. I have to write in a different color so I can tell what he wrote and what I wrote on his handwriting papers. SAD!

I get really motion sick these days, too. Good to know it is no just me. :)

Autumn said...

Thank goodness I'm not alone! I can't swing for the life of me, it takes three or four times and I have to get off. I swear I wasn't that way before I had Bug.
Glad to hear Sugar Bear is on the mend.

Sara@Sarandipity said...

Glad Sugar Bear is on the mend. I hope the rash stays away.

You and I have a lot in common. I used to play the sax. It's been nearly 10 years since I've picked one up to play. sigh

I have been trying to find more time to read. I'm on a romance and suspense kick lately. I have a whole shelf in my office of books I have yet to pick up and crack.

Oh, and I am a blanket ADDICT! Is there a support group for people who love, love, LOVE blankets. I find I sleep better when I have more blankets on me. I think it's the weight, too. I also just love to snuggle under a blanket when curled up on the couch. I think that's where I'm heading

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Glad he is on the mend. That was so fun to read? Holy afghan, you're lucky!

Deb said...

Oh I'm glad that Sugar Bear is better! :)

I miss reading books too - I used to always have a book close by if not in my hand and nowadays I maybe read a few a year....

I've had the issue with motion sickness for about 10 years too - when I was a kid and teenager I loved spinning rides, roller coasters, swinging, doing flips and somersaults in the pool but now I get horribly dizzy if I even turn my head to one side too fast. I hate that I'll miss doing so many fun things with my kids because of it!

Anonymous said...

It was great reading about YOU! I love Kenna stories, but I love Corey stories too! My handwriting is neat, but it's so plain. I've always envied people who write elegantly. My signature? It's scribble. I haven't learned to sign my new last name beyond a cursive B and some scribble.

Anonymous said...

It's okay Corey there a lot of people out there who can't read or write, but if it helps for you to talk about it, I'm there for you~


I'm just teasing LOL

mama bear said...

I guess a lot of us like heavy blankets and cool/cold air and a fan. I rock the kazoo also - so you and I should start a band. We could play at our next All Staff!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I usually still have to read at least half an hour before I go to sleep. even if I'm up past 1.00am. That must be why I'm always tired.
And I need the weight of the covers too. The weight and the depth and the snugness.:D

The Egel Nest said...

Glad the little one is better...

I am a musician...guitar and piano...never played sax though :)

The Egel Nest

Michelle said...

glad to hear the rash is going away, but sorry you never got any answers on what it was!

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