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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Life's A BEACH!

I have lived in the same State for my entire life. I love this State, and I am sorry that I can't tell you which one it is...but I am trying to be all secretive and I'll just have to keep such things to myself, but I will tell you that I live near the Pacific Ocean. I live VERY near the ocean. My town is considered a coastal town. I will also tell you that the Pacific ocean, where I live, is COLD...and when I say COLD I really mean FRICKEN FREEZING! Yes, that is exactly what I mean.

As I child, I would see movies where people would be frolicking in the ocean wearing....shock upon shock....SWIMSUITS! Ummmmmm NO! You will NEVER find me wearing anything even close to a swimsuit at the beach here. Brrrrrrrrrola, people. A person's tail could totally freeze right off trying that sort of maneuver. At the beach here, one must always be wearing pants....usually LONG pants, a shirt....usually a long sleeved one, and quite often a sweatshirt is required. On most occasions, a coat, mittens, and stocking cap are required, and this is in August. You don't believe me? Check out this earlier post of mine.

Being that I am the type of person that is ALWAYS cold, it is really rare to see me at the beach without a coat and hood. Sugar Bear takes more after her daddy in that she is usually hot. I always feel like other mothers are staring at me when we go to the park. I'll be wearing long pants and a sweatshirt, and Sugar will be in a shorts and a t-shirt. They say you should dress your child in what would make you comfortable, but when I do that....poor Sugar Bear sweats her little hiney off. We have totally different thermostats.

Anyhow...the beach for us is different than it is for so many others, but there are some similarities. We go to the beach to unwind, to stroll in the sand, to explore, and to take in the beauty and wonder that is earth.

We search for sea shells, and pretty rocks. We marvel at the driftwood, and stare at the endless ocean. We delight in the fabulously relaxing sounds of the waves lapping at the shore. Each and every time we go a memory is made.

Even though we live in this coastal town, we only visit the beach possibly 10 times a year. It could be the previous discussion about the frigid water, or the chilly wind. It could be that my hubby is a commercial fisherman, and spends enough work time on the ocean, and really doesn't want to see his spare time. I am not certain of the exact reason, but it is certain that we just don't go there enough.

Early this past summer, we made an effort to go there more often. Hubby took up Surf Perch fishing. Which requires digging for sand crab first, to be used as bait.

Sugar took up wind surfing. What?....oh, it wasn't REALLY wind surfing, but it was windy.

In the end, it was often much to cold for us to last longer than an hour, but it was always worth the trip. I enjoyed the opportunity for photography, hubby enjoyed the fishing, and Sugar Bear.....well....she just loved it all! Especially the freedom to just be....Sugar.

OH and as you might have noticed...Hubby was in a t-shirt, Sugar had on a sweatshirt...and if anyone ever took a picture of me...well, you would have seen that I had on a winter parka. I'm NOT kidding!

9 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photographs today, Corey! And I thoroughly reading your musings about the ocean and the temperatures there. So funny! Have a great Wednesday!

Autumn said...

Wonderful pictures Corey. I love the one with Sugar getting blasted by the wind. Yes.. I think that picture sums up this areas beach experience perfectly!

Donetta said...

Gusty on the "Sugar Bear"! Man it sounds cold! Your photography is lovely. My Miss Fiction born in the arctic of Northern Russia is always HOT! She is in love with the cool coming on this time of year. Shorts for her in the winter. The daddy man is like you always freezing!

mrsnesbitt said...

I was brought up by the sea, and now live 5 minutes away. For 10 years I lived away from the sea when I was a teacher in Nottingham, a city in the middle of Uk and not near to the sea...there was a poem by ee cummings I always loved and shared.the final verse reads.

"for whoever we are, whether it is a you or a me, it's always ourselves we find in the sea!"

Maude Lynn said...

Love those pictures! The "wind surfing" shot of Sugar Bear is priceless!!

Deb said...

Oh I love these pictures! And I love the beach, in any weather. We have gorgeous Lake Michigan ones near here and I used to go all the time. We didn't make it over there at all this summer and seeing your photos is really making me wish we had. Maybe we'll have to do that before it gets too cold out. :)

Anonymous said...

Stopeed by your blog through a link from Sorta Crunchy - fabulous photos. I live in a Canadian coastal town and I too love the beach. Especially for the photo ops and I too always feel like I'm never there often enough. I especially like the beach in winter, when I can take the dog to run free and not worry about disurbing anyone. Plus - those pacific waves are just wild in November!

Michelle said...

what beautiful pictures - I got a kick out of the one with her "wind surfing" LOL

Anonymous said...

Great pictures as always!

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