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Monday, October 15, 2007

H is for......Hairy Legs!

Yup....I have hairy legs....and I am proud of it, because it means something. Something very important. Something SPECIAL! Go ahead think I'm crazy. You'll understand in just a few moments. Well, at least I hope so. If not....that's okay too.

The very special reason that I have hairy legs is the mere fact that for the last 2.5 years I have had a very special bath/shower partner. I can literally count on my two hands the amount of times since my daughter has been born that I have bathed alone. Out of pure necessity, my daughter became my little bath buddy from day one. Due to many reasons, I fell into the habit of killing two birds with one stone, if you will. I am the ultimate multi-tasker. Very little thrills me more than accomplishing two or more things at the same time. Thus began the bathe the baby, while bathing the mama adventure.

To this day, Sugar Bear and I, always bathe together. It not only saves time....but it is quality time. Oh the games we play. There is nothing more fun than loud opera singing in the tub with your girl. We swim, draw with our tub crayons, sing in the rain, have MANY Dora the explorer adventures, and seriously, what better a place to teach her her body parts. I cherish our bath time. Usually it starts with lots of bath water, toys, and giggles. It ends with a quick shower for me as Sugar plays at the end of the tub. Due to worries over her dry skin, I wait until the water is all drained before washing my hair. Sugar doesn't mind. She just plays and tells me all sorts of silly stories. We both love this special one on one time each evening.

The only down side....Hairy Legs. I have hairy legs. I go at over a month between shavings. Don't get me isn't like I was a super shaver before Sugar Bear came along. I have NEVER liked shaving. I know some women like the process of shaving, and take pride in their smooth legs. NOT ME! I just can't stand shaving. However, I used to shave at least once or twice a week. I suppose it was peer pressure, or some attempt to appear attractive, but it never was for ME. I used to wear skirts or shorts, so shaving or lack there of was noticeable. For several years now, I have chosen to not show my legs in public, so it really doesn't matter whether I have hairy legs or not. I am sure Hubby has an opinion on this...but I decided a few years back that it is MY body, and if I don't feel like it...I don't feel like it.

So here we are today....Hairy Legs!

-I don't shave because I have a little one in the shower with me, and it just isn't convenient to shave with a toddler trying to help.

-I don't shave because I love me whether I have smooth legs or not.

-I don't shave because I have discovered that Hubby loves me despite the hairy legs.

So why bother? Why put myself through a mundance task, if I don't value it? However, last week, I began to wonder, "am I the only hairy legged mama? Do other mothers keep up on their shaving?" I began to really wonder just how out of the box I have become. So doing what any woman with entirely too much time on her hands would do, I polled some of my mama friends. Here are the results.

Of the 20 mamas queried:

10% Can't remember when they last shaved their has been THAT long!

5% say it has been at least a month since they last shaved.

10% say the last time they shaved was a few weeks ago.

30% say they shaved just last week.

5% reported it was only a few days ago.

25% shaved just the day before.

15% shaved that day. appears that while I am not alone in this....I am certainly not the NORM. I'm okay with that. Since when is being normal my goal in life? So there you have it. Love my hairy legs.

9 Live It or Love It:

Pam said...

Haha, that's great! For the record, I shave once a week. I don't show my legs all that much, and I don't have time to do it more often that that! How very transparent this post is!

Joeprah said...

Ewwww! LOL! Hey, my shower buddy is my toddler daughter and although sometimes she uses my satchel as a punching bag it usually works out great. I have taught her more numbers, colors and shapes in the shower using fun stuff in the shower than all other activities combined. Hairy legs...I dunno about that one, my wife shaves about 3/4 times a week on average. She feels more clean that way, just like me shaving my face I suppose.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee.
We do.

And I'm a bit like you.
I don't shave my legs as often as other folks. But I can get away with it as I am generally very unhairy.
So my legs often go untended for a couple of weeks.
We mums have so much more stuff to do right?

KatieBug said...

If I lived in a chilly coastal town I would probably not shave either. Seeing that I live in Texas not ever showing my legs in public is just too hot! So I shave about once or twice a week in the summer but much less in the winter.

Laura said...

LOL! So this is why you asked! :)

I love the unashamed confession of hairiness, Corey!

Oh, and would you believe that I've never tried to shower/bathe with Maya?!? I don't know just never occurred to me!

mama bear said...

Hello Corey! You know where I stand on this one since I shave hmmm, about once a year if that! I love hairy legs because it keeps me warm in the winter. I'm cold a lot, so I don't shave any body part and I put on an extra 10 -15 lbs. just before winter comes for security and to maintain my body temperature. Oh, did I mention I'm a bear! tee hee! And I have 7 little (and not so little) bear cubs!

Mama Bear

Unknown said...

I'd never question the "tended-ness" of Mrs. T's legs. Methinks the list of maternal obligations is far too long for a husband to get picky.

Mary Ann said...

LOL! I am catching up on yours posts Corey and this one had me laughing! At least I know I'm not the only one with hairy legs!

Carolyn said...

Catching up on a few of your older posts. I laughed out loud at this one. More on the long lost soul sister thing. Hairy legs? Tick. Shower buddy? Tick!

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