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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday~Halloween

This week Annie ask us to share a little about our Halloween past. :)

As I do so often, I am sitting here staring at my computer thinking....pondering....diving deep into my memories. I am trying desperately to bring up something interesting...something worthy of sharing. I am finding it difficult. So, I do what any self proclaimed over analyzer does...and wonder what exactly it is about my Halloween past, that keeps it from revealing itself?

The answer lies in that I never really had a firm understanding of the holiday, nor did my parents place any sort of importance on it. There was no exciting costumes, and certainly no trick or treating. heard that trick or treating. It wasn't that my parents didn't believe in Halloween. They just didn't care one way or another. The main reason we didn't trick or treat was that we lived on a farm....far from neighbors....and who wants to drive your child miles and miles to get candy when you can just buy it for them. So that is what my mom did. She bought candy. We ate it. The end. maybe it wasn't THAT bad, but it certainly wasn't much more exciting than that either. I am sure there were some school parties....and somewhere along the line, the community started putting on a carnival. It was then, that I started to really enjoy Halloween. The Halloween Carnival was the ONLY carnival in our community during the year. It was HUGE, and so much fun. I loved the games....and winning prizes. Do I remember a single costume I ever wore???? NOPE, but I do remember one lady in our community that was always a witch, and she smelled so strongly of patouli oil it made me ill. I remember thinking she would have made a better skunk, than a witch. Do I remember the year my mom got stung by a wasp and her hand swelled up to the size of a baseball mitt? YUP....everyone thought she had the best costume of all the ladies at the ticket booth. tee hee

Now as a parent, I am forging my way through this holiday. I am trying to figure out what I want my Sugar to remember about Halloween. We live in the country where we get NO trick or treaters...sigh....and miles from town. So I will be driving miles and miles so that she can say "trick or treat!", in her sweetest little voice. Yeah....I'm a totally rockin' cool mom like that.

12 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

You crack me up. The miles we will drive just to trick or treat. I always buy Bug a store bought costume, with all the accessories. Hubby rolls his eyes at me, but dang it when I was little I never got a store bought costume and I wanted one! Funny the things we do for our kids to make up for the things we feel we missed out on.

Cynthia said...

I grew up on a farm. My Mom drove for miles for a subdivision where we could trick or treat, and we looked forward to it every year. We never had trick or treaters, and we made the garage into a haunted house anyway. We went to spook houses, dressed up, trick or treated...I have just always loved Halloween (maybe a little to much;). Good for you for driving for your kiddos to trick or treat, they will remember it forever!

Lori said...

I'm glad your town started a carnival! I have many fond memories of Halloween past. We always carved our pumpkins and drank apple cider. Usually we got together with a few friends to trick or treat as a group. We do much the same for our kids. We get together with a girl I work with and trick or treat in her neighborhood since we live in the boonies.

mama bear said...

You are a rockin cool of the coolest I know. I'm happy that you are letting sugar experience all the joys of the holidays. It really isn't so much about the holiday itself but ALL the memories that go with it. We do it all - the pumpkin patch pictures, carving pumpkins, kid's decorating sugar cookies, halloween parties at school, and of course, trick or treating! She will treasure every moment you spend with her - hugs for you and sugar bear!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Yay that you do that Corey. I always lived in places where we trick-or-treated so much houses ran out of candy! :)

Anonymous said...
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Corey~living and loving said...
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Corey~living and loving said...

Mandy said...
You are one of the most loving moms I know. Sugar Bear is one lucky little lady!

The Egel Nest said...

Halloween, mostly reminds me of vandalism...

eggs, shaving cream, toilet paper...those items remind me of Halloween...

Not that I EVER did those things...I saw it...yeah...that's it :)

The Egel Nest

Candace said...

You are an incredible mom!
I bet you have just as much fun as she does!
Can't wait to read all about it!
Now you'll always have a clear post to write every October 31st!

Maude Lynn said...

I grew up in a farming community that had the most awesome Halloween carnival every year! I've never seen anything to rival it in all of the cities that I've lived in.

mama bear said...

You rock!

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