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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why Can't She Just Have Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease?

Why why why.....Wouldn't that be nice? Just a little bit of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. That's all I ask. Just something simple like that. Something normal. Something Typical....something easily diagnosable.

But NOOOOO.....not my Sugar Bear. She has to have something unexplained...something odd...something rare....something "let's wait and see!" ARGHHHHH...

I surely can't be the only parent that wishes a communicable disease on their child, right? Surely, right now in this universe some parent is muttering under their breath, "please lord let it be Fifth Disease!" I mean...isn't it common for a parent to just want their kid to have normal childhood illnesses? Isn't it normal for you to want to hear from the pediatrician, "Oh yeah.....seen it a million times....she has a raging case of Rosela! Contagious as all get out...but don't worry it will be gone soon!" ? Sure....that would be nice.

The words you don't want to hear is, "! Is it on her back too? hmmmmm fascinating......her bottom too, huh? INTERESTING! OH her ankles as well, huh? WOW! Well......I am not my 20 year of this practice I have NEVER seen a rash like this. Definitely NOT a typical communicable disease. My best guess is......"

WHAT? Your best GUESS! Oh dear lord, you did not just say best GUESS! What parent wants to hear that? What parent enjoys wondering what is wrong with their child, and not knowing when it will go away or if it will get worse before it gets better. Why oh Why can't she just have the Chicken Pox??????

So here we are....waiting and seeing.....I hate that. I have visions of MRSA running through my head, even though she has absolutely NO other symptoms besides the rash. Since the Pediatrician guessed that it was an immune system reaction to a virus or allergy, similar to hives, but not quite hives, I am wondering if her immune system is compromised. Is this a sign of a much larger problem? Is the tip of the iceberg? Is this the proverbial shoe about to drop? (Yes....if you haven't noticed, I can be worrisome, and a bit of paranoid.) The waiting.....the seeing.....not sure I can handle it.

Seriously people.....wouldn't it be easier if she just had some nasty Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease? It wouldn't be pretty, but it would certainly be NORMAL!

22 Live It or Love It:

Megan Cobb said...

What does it look like? Bean had a rash all over her body last year for about a day, day and a half. No other symptoms. I still have no clue what it was.

Mary Ann said...

Oh no Corey. I hope "waiting and seeing" doesn't take too long to figure it all out. Keep us posted! I'll be thinking about you and Sugar Bear.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's a stressful time right now during this waiting period. Hopefully, the doctors will be able to determine the cause soon. Then you'll know what you're dealing with and can work to get rid of it. I'll be thinking of you and your little one. :)

Anonymous said...

My 5 year old had a mystery rash on his back and neck and behind this last March, with no other symptoms. The doctor said to just give him some benadryl and if it hadn't cleared up in a few days to come back in. It went away and I still don't know what it was.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh no! Good luck Corey - hope a diagnosis arrives soon!

Bellevelma said...

I used to be Queen of rash city - eczema and hives that is. Snags has allergies so I am the person who gets calls from neighbors when they need me to identify a sudden rash on their kid.

Allergic rashes are generally OVER active immune response so I wouldn't worry about her system being compromised (weakend) if that helps any. You can even have an allergic response to a virus.

Any change in soaps, lotions, detergent, fabric softener etc...? Anything new in her diet? I'm not a doctor, I just play one on the internet ;)

Sara@Sarandipity said...

Oh No! I hope it's nothing serious. Many hugs to you and Sugar. I hope she's right as rain in no time. And, I can't blame you for wanting a typical childhood illness. {{hugs}}

Deb said...

Oh no! I would hate hearing the words, "I guess" too - not reassuring at all. That's right up there with the 'It must just be stress' reason I've gotten for the on/off blisters on my hands and feet for 10 years.

I hope the rash is gone soon and that it's just one of those odd and unexplained things and nothing more serious or dangerous... I agree - sometimes you feel like you could handle your kids coming down with just about anything, as long as you know what it is and what to do for it! Hugs...

Lori said...

Oh no! That's the worst. My kids usually end up with weird things too. They are usually so healthy, but when they get something it's usually rare or really bad. I hope it ends up going away and not being anything major. Hugs!

Autumn said...

Oh poor Sugar Bear, and Mama! I'm sorry your having to go through this. I hope you get a diagnosis soon, or better yet I hope it just goes away! Hugs to you both!

:) said...

No. You don't want hand, foot, and mouth disease. I have had that and it is nasty! Maybe it's just an allergy. Please post when you find out.

the rotten correspondent said...

I can't tell you how many kids (and adults for that matter) show up in the ER with a mystery rash that a) is never figured out, b) resolves on its own and c) is absolutely nothing to worry about. #1 reason for ER visits for kids is mystery rashes. Kids just seem to attract them.

I'm not going to be foolish enough to tell you not to worry (because I'd pop someone who said that to me) but try and not get too freaked out.

And (kind of related) some doctors need to really pay better attention to what they say and how they say it.

Momo Fali said...

Waiting is the WORST. I hope you hear something soon.

david mcmahon said...

As one parents to another, I hope a) your doctor finds out what it is and b) it vanishes, never to return.

Corey~living and loving said...

A huge thank you to each and everyone who has commented on this post.
It is actually day four of this rash, and I THINK it is looking better. Crossing fingers.

You know...I wrote this post...mostly to share the idea that us parents just want to KNOW what is going on....when it is unknow, it certainly leaves it open for paranoia.

So I appreciate your well wishes for Sugar, but if I'm honest...I'm sure she is fine. We are just waiting to see if it gets better or worse.

Thanks again. hugs for everyone!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhh poor Sugar and poor Mummy and Daddy.

You're so right. It's better to know what something is than have all those thoughts going through your head.

Sending big hugs.

Michelle said...

oh man, I'm sorry to hear she's come down with something that has the doctor stumped! You're right- that wouldn't be to reassuring! Praying it isn't anything serious and clears up quickly!

mama bear said...

Hello to both my sweet little pumpkins. I agree with you that it is unsettling not knowing what is wrong with your child. You and I know I have been through this at least a half dozen times or more with my kids. "I don't know why your son has a brain cyst or if it will be life altering? We will have to just keep doing MRI's every six months." uuuughhhhh! Pika had an unexplainable rash about three years ago. Our Dr. (Sugar's Dr.) said the exact same thing to me. "I have NEVER seen anything like this!" I was thinking, "Great! She has the plague." It lasted about 7 days and we still to this day do not know what caused it. It is very frustrating and scary. Hind sight is always 20/20 right? Remember when she had to have the CT for the growths on her brain/head? Dr. didn't know what they were or where they came from. I know what you are going through and I'm just hoping for the best because with all the bad things that have happened lately, I think it's not humanly possible to worry anymore than I already do without spontaneous combustion! BOOM!!! Not pretty!

Donetta said...

Sweet Heart Breath... Have you change laundry soap lately?

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I feel your anxiety!

When Hannah was 5, she began complaining of leg pains. Believing it to be nothing more than normal "growing" pains, I took her to the pediatrician where blood tests revealed whacked out white blood cell counts. Then, because of the bone and joint pain, they began running tests for things like (gasp) rheumatoid arthiritis and leukemia. I have never cried SO much and SO hard before. However, a week later, . . . it turned out to be just mono. Just. Mono.

I can't tell you how relieved I was that it was just mono.

The Egel Nest said...

Until you know...don't be too worried...cross bridges only when you have to...until then...tell the doctor to cut out the, "Oh...that looks interesting" routine :)

The Egel Nest

Anonymous said...

I sure identify with you here! It's never fun being the medical anomaly. The word "Interesting" from a doctor always make me just want to run and hide : P Hope you get an answer soon and that it turns out to be something simple. A pediatric allergist might be a lot more helpful than your GP...

Hugs to Sugar Bear!

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