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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Three Corners~ Nostalgia/Memories

For the Month of January, Jeanette chose the theme of Nostalgia or Memories. What a GREAT theme. I only wish I hadn't fooled around all month, and had to grab some quick shots this week. January is a busy month for me, so I'm really not surprised that it flew by! 

This first shot is something I can get really nostalgic about.  My mother's father gave this locket to my grandmother when she was just 16 or 17.  The photos are the original photos they placed in it.  They were married shortly after, and had my mom.  My grandfather was killed in a horrible tree falling incident when he was only 39.  I never knew him, but his impact on grandmother, and mom always made me wish I had.  When I graduated from High School, my grandma had it re-dipped in gold, as the gold plating had mostly worn thin.  The engraving on the front was restored as well.  Along with this locket she gifted me a handful of love letters she had save all these years.  Some were from him....and some from her.  What a treasured gift this was.  I have been too scared to actually wear it though.  What if something happened to it?  


This second photo is of several of Disney's classics.  They are full of memories for me, and I can't resist buying them for Sugar Bear when they are re-released.  It always makes me feel like we have a little bit of history.  I know that is cheesy....but I'm all cheddar like that.


This last photo truly takes me BACK!  I have always loved Cheerios. Each time I pour me a bowl, I am transported to my childhood days.  There is just so much to love about a BIG bowl of the O's.  There are a few ODD ways that I enjoy to eat them.  First off....Chocolate Milk and Cheerios is the BOMB!  My dad taught me that one.  YUMMY!  comfort food in my world.  Another thing my dad used to make with cheerios is pan fried in a bit of butter with salt.  OH loves it.  I haven't done it in AGES....but maybe tonight's the night.  


 So there you have it....a little bit of Nostalgia from me.  Be sure to head on over the take a look at Lindy and Jeanette's photos.

9 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

What a treasure from your grandmother! Since I was homeschooled, I didn't have the opportunity for a class ring. My grandmother took me to dinner one night and gave me her class ring that she had had a jeweler slightly alter for me. It's one of my most treasured possessions.

Maude Lynn said...

I love that locket and the story behind it!

Anonymous said...

Love the first photo.
I haven't posted mine, but I've realised that 2 of them got posted in my Weekly winners post by mistake!

Christina said...

Nostalgia - what a great theme! I love what you chose to remember, too. The image with the locket reall touches me. Panfried cheerios? Never heard of that! But I do love to make toasted oatmeal with raw oatmeal, butter, brown sugar, coconut and raisins!

Tabitha Blue said...

Love those... the locket is beautiful!

I love cheerios and remember eating them with my dad, with sliced bananas and toast! Oh, yum. I do that with my girl now! I've never heard of them fried! Wow!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Fried cheerios sounds like a great movie snack. Gonna give that a go, for sure!

mrsmouthy said...

That locket is priceless. I wish we had those kind of heirlooms floating around our family. I love coming to your blog because the pictures are so astounding--who else can take a picture of Cheerios that makes your breath catch?

holly said...

i remember putting so much sugar on my cheerios that it really was cheerio-flavored sugar. i wants me some of that. and disney. wow. i have some great memories of younger madame m and me watching some disney. we don't anymore, she's all into high school pukesical. oh oops. misspelled that.

Lindy said...

I can't believe I forgot to comment! I love how intimate your photos are. I brings into sharp focus for me that I haven't made enough memories for myself here in the UK!

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