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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kitty loves the summer sort of schedule

The second week of summer vacation suited us well.

Day 287
(Kitty got a little carried away while helping Sugar Bear plant sun flowers.)


Day 288
(If you love something.....set it free.)


Day 289
(We love, love LOVE summer reading.)


Day 290
(Quiet moments alone at the beach....sigh.....)


Day 291
(Mowing the lawn is exhausting...but the feeling you get when you finish...priceless!)


Day 292
(The monthly kiddie class at the estuary was all about CRAB. How fun!)


Day 293
(You can't beat a little bit of marble painting, when you need some quality time with your 5 year old.)


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7 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Yay! Looks like you and Sugar are off to a great start for your Summer vacation. A class all about crabs??? Awesome! Bug got to try out tree climbing today using a rigging harness, he went 40 feet into a tall fir tree! I love summer programs. :)

Gayle said...

I can't imagine how long you had to patiently wait for a butterfly to land!

Aspiemom said...

You have so much imagination!

I love the heart the pages form.

Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment. :-)

Christina said...

Looks like you, Sugar and Kitty are having a terrific summer! LOVE the gardening picture...and the mable painting is so fun, too!

Tabitha Blue said...

Ohhh, that book photo with kitty is awesome! Totally priceless... and marble painting? I must try this, and I must know more about this and soon! :)

Honey Mommy said...

I had to rewind and see some more pictures of kitty because I love them so. I seriously think that you could put these in a book! They are so awesome.

JC'sGlass said...

Hiya Corey,
Thanks for the link. How fun to see Kitty on your blog as well as on your desk. (Didn't see the one on the architect plans, though . . . forget when that was.) I always enjoy your photos and your musings.
:) Donna

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