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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tell Me Thursday~ Kitty and Haba's Summer Adventures

Something you might not know about me, is the fact that I have a little project going. Well, not quite such a little project anymore, but a project none the less. You see, on September 1st, 2009, I started taking a photo a day of my little friend Kitty. It was only going to be a month long experience, but I didn't feel quite done when the month was over, so I decided to keep going until I felt done. Each day, the photo must be different than any other I've taken. Interestingly enough, this project has given me MUCH MUCH MUCH more than I ever expected. My hope had been that it would challenge my photography skills, and inspire me to take chances, and try new things. It has, indeed, done all those things. Above and beyond ALLLLLL THAT, a surprising outcome emerged. Each day, I find Kitty lingering in the back of my thoughts, and as I view my world, I think about when and where I want to capture that day's photo. It has forced me to think about my life, and choose a defining moment in each day. This simple project is somehow helping me own up to my feelings, be more present in my life, and truly see that each day is it's own, even when it feels like you are going no where.

Somewhere along the way, I inspired the fabulous BERTA, to take on a project of her own. She adopted a little friend, Haba, and her posts that feature Haba are definitely some of my favorites. She couldn't have picked a cuter subject. Berta has skills, people. I haven't seen a picture of Haba that bored me. She really has a way with him. ♥

This week, Berta suggested involving our little friends in our Team-Up with the theme of SUMMER ADVENTURES. Lucky for me, I actually had some summer adventures this past week. I had the opportunity to stop by the seashore all BY MYSELF. was fabulous. I guess technically, I wasn't ALL by myself, as Kitty was there. My constant companion for 300 or so days now.

Berta's shot this week of Haba, just yells, "take time to smell the flowers!" and THAT is what summer should be about. We need to take the time to enjoy the gifts this world has given us. The flower seems to have made him really happy, and I understand that sentiment.


If you are a Team-Up Thursday participant, please feel free to link up, so that I can check out your post.

12 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

How cool! I love the shot of kitty in the drift wood. A trip to the beach alone? sigh... I can only dream. :)

bBchronicles said...

Well, I'm definitely jealous THIS WEEK for your adventure the the ocean! Oh, how I miss it - your photos are great and make me home sick. Kitty is my favorite little adventure. Although Haba was going to have another adventure (didn't pan out) - I'll share it in a week or two - kind of fun . . . flowers are good though - especially where we've been color and flower deprived all winter - it works! Thanks again partner for another FUN week!

Marcelle said...

Love the story behind your post...and great photo's by both of you.
I dont see Berta doing much about Huba these days...what has happened to him???

Andrea said...

Love both photos - the colours are so clear and sharp, I really aspire to be able to create art like both you ladies do, thanks for giving me something to work towards week after week

Kerstin said...

Corey and Berta - First I hope you don't mind if I nick your idea of kitty and haba - I sooo would love to do "365 days with xxx" . But first I need to find the perfect "partner" and I won't take my teddy bear... I need something special like both of you.
I LOVE your idea and this is soooooo hmmmm cannot say in English what I wanted to say. So I think you'll understand me anyway...
BRILLIANT PHOTO OF KITTY - but I have to say I love her and her advantures and ALL the photos you've taken from her. Please please do make a book with her adventures - would LOVE to buy it!!!!

Gayle said...

I feel like such a putz for starting this project and lasting only a couple photos. I think I wasn't feeling the love for my stuffed flamingo and need to do this with a more adaptable character. I may try it again this winter. I've enjoyed the fun you have had with it all.

Kimberly said...

The photos are amazing. I would/could sing your praises, but I guess you get tired of the hero worship. ;)

Have you ever thought of opening this project up for others and hosting it? It's such a brilliant idea, and I can definitely see where it would force you to grow in ways you might not expect.

Jeanette said...

LOVE the kitty pose today. I've never tired of where you've put that cat, seriously, it's impressive!

hipMomma said...

That is SO cute. Love the little adventurers and love the idea. Great job, team.

Megan said...

that is such a great idea! and such wonderful shots -- very fun, corey:).

Killlashandra said...

I think it's great that Berta is introducing Habba. That is such a fun project. Unfortunately I couldn't keep up with all of Pippi's exploits but there will probably be more later. Kitty looks like he's having a nice time reflecting on the driftwood. ;)

Christina said...

Awww! I love it that Kitty now has a little adventuring partner! See you you inspire so many??? Haba is too cute!

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