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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kitty's week was TUTU good!

Day 273
(A week that began with a DAY off from the regular grind, so that we could play pretend work with Sugar Bear.......does that even make sense?)

Day 274
(Even Kitty was sad that Sugar Bear wasn't in her bed that first night she was away......snuggling her stuffed animals made it a bit better.)


Day 275
(Kitty helps wrap up my work year.....file, file, file.)


Day 276
(Seriously....It's JUNE! Start acting like it!!!!!!)


Day 277
(Kitty couldn't believe that Sugar Bear wasn't here for to see the butterflies come out of their chrysalis'.)


Day 278
(Kitty dreams of being in a dance recital. The TUTU is just so alluring.)


Day 279
(Edit, edit, edit........lots of fabulous photos!)


Hosted by Chris

10 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Oh NO! Miss Sugar missed out on the butterflies??!! :(
And what the heck is up with this weather??? :( I've got a serious case of the blues this week and I attribute it to this cruddy weather we've been having. Looks like we are in luck for the weekend though! :)

debi9kids said...

Oh wow! I read it and thought the same thing! Your daughter missed the butterflies hatching? Oh no!

I personally love summer rain, although ask me if I do by the end of the weekend (it's supposed to rain every day for 4 days...)

Kimberly said...

You never cease to amaze me with the inventive poses you come up with for Kitty. And I'm impressed that you got out in the rain for the one shot. :)

Marcelle said...

I missed Sugar Bear as well....
Good to see Kitty having a good time...

Emmy said...

Love it love it!
That first shot is so fun, it looks like that set was just made for kitty :)

Pam Emmons said...

I think the first is my favorite. But seriously, how do you even come up with these ideas?!

Marka said...

Great photos! I think Kitty was starting to get lost in all them files. And I think the windshield-wiper shot is excellent! (I kinda felt like that yesterday at work, as I spent 4 or 5 hours upside-down inside a skid-steer) Cheers!

Christina said...

You and kitty just keep getting better and better! I can't even pick a favorite...they are all excellent! (but I too am feeling sad for Sugar missing the butterflies...I hope N doesn't miss ours!)

Janet said...

Oh boy! Kitty sure does get up to lots, and what a help she is!

Chris said...

Well I like the shot of Kitty diving into the file folder -- gotta love that kind of determination.

I'm glad to hear that we're not the only place where the weather can't decide that what to do.

I'm trying not to complain, because I like rain a LOT better than 100 degree weather.

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