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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Who would have thought a flying saucer would make me cry?

Take a little bit of THIS:


Add one of THESE:


And some of THIS:


And this mama is a big ol' pile of heart bursting, nose running, tears whelling up goodness. Yup, it's a proven fact.....I'm a sucker for flying saucers.


Especially ones that are THIS darn cute. Look at this sass-a-tude!


My girl is just plain beautiful from the inside out. I couldn't be more proud of her, if she were the first female to walk on the moon.


Some of you might know that Sugar Bear has been painfully shy since she was a baby. She is a go getting when it comes to nearly anything.....except people. It takes her a long time to warm up to new people, and she even gets shy around people she has known for awhile. Thus.....I wasn't really sure how this whole "dance recital" thing was going to go.


I shouldn't have been worried. She flew right out there on stage, and did her thang! It made my heart melt into a messy little puddle. I am so happy for her accomplishment.


She deserved all the LOUD applause.....the beautiful rose....and the purple hippo in a pink tutu!


It is quite possible that I am the most amazingly BLESSED mama in the whole wide UNIVERSE!


Yeah......I think that is certain!

9 Live It or Love It:

Lisa said...

K, I'm a lot weepy here over the sweetness of all of this.
Beautiful, and I can just imagine the little rose presentation.

Thanks for your words yesterday Corey.


Andrea said...

What a lovely post, she sure is gorgeous and it must have been such a special moment for you to see your little girl up there on stage....LOVE those special momma moments :0)

Marcelle said...

I'm covered in goosebumps now...
Not only are your photo's fantastic, that Sugar Bear participated in my life's passion * Dance * but it also brought back memories of my granddaughter in her ballet concert, I was there to watch and how I felt seeing her, I only saw her on that stage....I understand how you felt.

Gayle said...

Oh, Corey, I am so happy for you. SB looks just beautiful. What an accomplishment.

Autumn said...

Way to go Sugar! Great job on the pictures Corey. Getting good shots in a dark theater is so hard! Sugar is just darling. I love the shot of you together too.

Jeanette said...

Oh how gorgeous! Love the little outfit, and looks like she had an absolute ball

The Johnson Family said...

Isn't it just the most cutest thing EVER!!!! I know all those feelings your are talking about, I was just there with my little ballerina a few weeks ago. God Bless Little Girls!!! They sure make this world special, especially living in a house full of boys lol. Sugar bear is the cutest flying saucer I have ever seen :)

Deb said...

Oh look at your gorgeous little ballerina girl - Sugar is beautiful! Congratulations to her on the wonderful performance! :)

Heidi said...

Wow. Love this post! SO SWEET!

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