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Monday, June 7, 2010

What's that in the sky?

It's my little Flying Saucer....and all her friends.


I had the opportunity to capture some shots of Sugar Bear's dress rehearsal the other day. What fun! I only got teary a FEW times....okay...a lot, but I'm a sappy mama like that. I just couldn't take the feeling of pride that was trying to bust right out of my chest. ♥ I think Sugar was feeling it too.....look at that smile!

You might remember that a week or so back, I posted a bit about Sugar's HULA obsession.
Well, now you know why.


It all began in dance class, and I have to admit I never thought she'd master the hula hoop at this young age, but she proved me wrong.


This little honey took her performance seriously. She LOVED being a flying saucer. And why not? .....she could SOAR!

And TWIRL...




But I have to say it is my favorite when she walks like a dancer at demi-point. I just love her little tippy toes. ♥


The face of makes me giggle.


The look of gives me ease. You see, about half way through the year, Sugar was ready to quit. She just felt done, and we had weeks and weeks of my gently guiding her to continue what she started. It was hard, but I wanted her to follow through with her commitment. Seeing her little face all lit up on was my payoff.


And it was Priceless!

6 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

My darling little blogger dancing girl...she is precious!!!
Love seeing her enjoying one of my passions in life so much....makes me smile.

I must also add that the photographs are stunning, a year ago, I tried to photograph my granddaughter, got a few good ones, but nothing nothing like yours...

Beth Cotell said...

What great pictures!

And I have yet to master the hula hoop.

Autumn said...

Good job momma for gentle encouragement! Looks like it paid off beautifully. She looks like she is really enjoying it.

Marka said...

Yay dancing! Dancing was never my strong suite, but my sister on the other hand, well, I've been to nearly every single dance show and rehearsal of the local studio where she took lessons and taught lessons for more years than I can remember. And now that she's in college and no longer dancing or teaching, I'll still be going back to the dance shows and rehearsals to photograph the dancers.

Kudos to you for continuing to encourage her to continue. I can tell she really enjoys it. I've seen that same look on my sister's face many times before when all else but the dance fades away. Hopefully she'll continue to enjoy dancing and branch out into the various genres and sub-genres. 'tis always a joy to photograph dances.

Here's the this show, and the ones to come! Cheers!

Michelle said...

beyond adorable!

Christina said...

<3 this!! She is totally the cutest flying saucer EVER...and you doccumented this all so well. Doesn't it make you smile to imagine looking back on this with her years from now?

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