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Saturday, April 23, 2011

52 Weeks of ME- Week Seventeen

Theme of the week:

Multiple Exposure

I was pretty excited to see this theme. I've done a multiple exposure shot before, but I wasn't happy with the outcome, so I was more than eager to try again. While I did mess up a bit on the editing of this, and if I felt more energetic, I'd go back and fix it, I rather like the result. Next time I just need to up the aperature more. I shot this at f3.5. I totally should have done f6 or so. This was such a fun experiment. What a hoot.


Oh and yes indeedy! Sugar Bear just HAD to get in on this action. She planned each and every one of these poses. Soooooooooooooo fun to work with her on this.


We did a few more...but I don't have them edited yet. I can see many many more of these in our future.

Be sure to head on over to visit Jessie and Cara to see all the fabulous ladies taking part in this cool project.

7 Live It or Love It:

Nickolaus Cave said...

I love it. I am slacking. I haven't done mine yet.

Kimi said...

Awesome!!!! Both are great!!

Autumn said...

How many Coreys can you fit in a tree? These are soooo cool! Now I have to do one of these too. :) Looks like a lot of fun. Happy Easter!

Just Jinny said...

How creative!! Maybe you could do a tutorial as well? I'd love to try something like this with my neice and nephew.

Marcelle said...

This is fantastic

Lisa said...

I LOVE this.
Teach me!

Christina said...

You are awesome, Corey. Just totally a.w.e.s.o.m.e!

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