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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Doing this....doing That

-Sugar Bear and I attended her first "baby wash"......I mean "baby shower". tee hee

-Attended Sugar Bear's "Family Math Night" at her school. Super fun. Sugar won a door prize. It MADE.HER.DAY!

-Taken about 3568971 pictures. Edited.....3.

-Been working on Sugar Bear's "memory book" for her school. This is a HUGE job, and might send me over the edge.

-There had been 457 meetings at work lately. I only have 1.5 more weeks until summer break....I.CAN.MAKE.IT!

-Attended a VIP lunch at Sugar Bear's school. Super fun.

-I've had TWO dental appointments for myself. I've been a bad girl....and I'm paying for it now. :(

-I went to a super fun birthday get together for two of my friends. It was AWESOME. I brought my Just Dance Wii game. HILARIOUSLY FUN! Didn't get home until 3:30am. I still haven't caught up on my sleep.

-Been making super yummy yogurt and fruit parfaits all week. We can't eat enough of them.

-Found out that I'm allergic to Mango Sap. Who knew that it has some of the same properties as Poison Ivy??? I had some really sexy, itchy lips for a week. nice.

-Been spending a little too much time on "Goodreads" and "Pinterest". Fun....but a time suck.

-Playing with baby bunnies, and trying to sell them. Don't want to see them go....but I know it will be a good thing. They are eating us out of house and home.

-I was hired to take MORE pictures for a local physical therapy place. I did that....and got them edited and deliver. I'm so busy right now.

Just wanted to drop a quick post to remind myself why I haven't been bloggin' much lately. I'm crazy busy....and tired all the time. BUT....there is an end in sight.

7 Live It or Love It:

Jessie said...

Summer can't come soon enough for me. I want my baby home! Sorry about the allergy. That stinks! Yay for Sugar Bear winning. My girls love winning stuff :) I can't get on Pinterest because I end up at the computer for like an hour. Seriously time consuming!
Have a great day mama!

Gayle said...

The Wii dancing sounds fun. I don't ever get to do anything with just adults like that. It's still fun with the kids, but....

Sure wish I could get my hands on one of your bunnies, but that's quite a long way to travel.

Deep breath. Fun is on your horizon!

Autumn said...

There you go again tempting me with bunnies...teehee! Wii Dance is soooo much fun. And 3am... I'm too old for that but it does sound fun!

Heidi said...

Fun times! Summer is going to come this year, right???

Tell me how you make your yogurt and fruit parfaits???

Marcelle said...

somethings up cause I cant see a thing!!

Unknown said...

Hey, glad you're enjoying my time suck suggestion! Goodreads is pretty sweet...

Janet said...

LOL! How did Sugar Bear enjoy her Baby Wash?? I remember the first time I took Stacey to one - she was so excited! STILL wanting to buy a Wii! Went to a girls night the other Saturday with a bunch of ladies and we did the dancing one! What a lot of fun! Was stiff and sore for a couple of days! Been battling to post a comment, also on Firefly's posts - can't understand why! :( Hugs from a chilly South Africa!

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