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Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Week 32


May 8th was Mother's Day....and as a present to myself, I took some quick portraits of Sugar Bear in a dress I recently made her, and managed to capture one of my favorite photos of her yet. ♥

May 9th marked the first day of swimming lessons at school. What a cool opportunity. Sugar Bear loved getting to swim with all her classmates. This photo is hazy because it is FREEZING (in the 40's) outside and the pool is heated. Poor Kiddos were Popsicles, but they loved it.

May 10th was another day of swimming. Sugar Bear really took to the water, and remembered most of what she had learned last summer. I'm very proud of her.

May 11th I took some photos again for a local physical therapy office. This is something I really enjoy doing and hope to get more work like this.

May 12th found me aiming the camera at myself, trying to get a sun flare shot. I eventually got a pretty nice flare, but I rather liked this shot.

May 13th was the last day of swimming lessons for Sugar, and they got to do some free play. I adore this shot of Sugar Monkey doing a canon ball. ♥ Good times!

May 14th was a relaxing stay home sort of day. We spent a good deal of time outside even thought is was drizzly. Tiny is really shedding, and we brushed and brushed and brushed her. This was the first time Sugar Bear really felt comfortable brushing her. Tiny is maturing and isn't as jumpy these days. It is nice.

Looking back over this week....I can't help but feel so completely blessed. What a beautiful life I have.......I'm one lucky lady. Life is good!

1 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

You are so good about documenting your weeks. These are going to make such a good album at the end of the year.

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