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Monday, May 2, 2011

My Week 29


April 17th was a quiet Sunday at home. I was noticing how darn big our sweet Ivy has gotten, and wanted to capture a shot of her sweet face. She is so cute, and such a good dog too. ♥

April 18th decided to give us a bit of sun. After a long day at work, it was fun to come home and spend some time out in the yard with the fam. Ivy got her first opportunity to share space with Tiny. They liked each other instantly, and Tiny was so gentle with Ivy.

April 19th was much like the day before. I am really loving the fact that it stays light out later. It gives us time to be outside in the evening. That is a blessing. This is our walnut tree. Sugar loves to climb it.....and do I. tee hee

April 20th I wanted to grab a shot of something I see nearly every day. Sugar likes to jump out of the truck at the bottom of our driveway and grab the mail for us. She is such a great helper. ♥

April 21st is The Hubby's birthday, but he wasn't home, so Sugar and I spent some time playing with baby bunnies. Time well spent.

April 22nd found me outside again...WHAT A GREAT WEEK! One thing we have A LOT of around here is spiders. I don't mind them....and that is a good thing.

April 23rd was spent preparing for Easter Sunday. Sugar and I made cupcakes....and I must say....they were YUMMY! ♥

4 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

Sugar getting the mail makes me think of Olivia. Every morning when I drive her to school she sees the newspaper. I used to get it when I returned home, but now she tells me to leave it and let her get it when she gets off the bus. I miss reading my "morning paper", but love that she gets so much joy bringing it to me.

The bunnies are the best. I miss having them...and you have the cutest breed.

Jessie said...

Your week is overflowing with cuteness! Except the spider lol :) I live on the water so we have a ton of them here too. If they leave me alone I leave them alone. Same with the snakes.

Autumn said...

I can hardly stand the cuteness of Tiny and Ivy together! Reminds me of my dog Axle and our mini Donkeys. They are so gentle with him and he can be such a pest. They just stand still patiently while he runs around them.

Jen said...

Another awesome week. It has been so rainy here. We get SO excited when the sun finally comes out. The shot of Tiny and Ivy is super sweet and those bunnies. Man, they are cute.

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