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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Am An Official Homebody

Here it is Memorial Day Weekend, and everyone I know has some sort of plan with friends or family. This weekend is notorious for BBQ's and Campouts. Most people look forward to this long weekend of fun, play and socialization. I DO NOT! I'd rather just stay home.

I am not sure when it happened, but I am sure that it has been a long, long, long time. I do not like to go anywhere on Holiday Weekends. There is just plain too many people in the campgrounds, and even more "crazies" on the road. It has become pretty obvious to me that I don't like crowds. I don't really fancy myself anti-social either, but I am not a fan of large get-togethers. They make me anxious and I am not really all that certain why.

I am not afraid of people.
I am not claustrophobic.
I am not shy.
I am a talker.
I love to laugh.
I get along with most anyone.

So what is my hang up? I hate to admit it, but folks....I think it stems from laziness. Yup...I think it does. I don't enjoying having people to my house. I despise having to do the "before they come clean-up", and I really dislike with a passion the "after they leave clean-up"! It is so much easier to just sit around in my own mess. Unfortunately, I don't really enjoy going to other people's houses much either. I always end up the resident babysitter for everyone's kids and their dog. I think it all comes down to the person with the most worries will watch the kids, because she can't sit back and enjoy herself wondering what her child is up to. It isn't a surprise that this person is always me, and all the other adults figure if Corey is watching.....all is good, so they go have fun. Sorry, but I could have just stayed home and watched my ONE kid thanks! I guess I am too lazy to babysit everyone else's kids on my holiday weekend.

As for camping, I am a nature girl. I do enjoy camping, but I don't like to camp where there are 100 other families camping. I like to be in the peace and quiet of nature. When there is a totally strange family like 50 feet from me....I just can't relax. Sometimes I like to camp with friends or family, but even then, I end up the babysitter, or my FAVORITE...the keeper of the drunks. Nothing is more fun than being the ONLY sober person in a group of drunks. I find myself trying to convince the inebriated ones why it isn't a good idea to take the raft out on the lake to see who can row the fastest at midnight. I chase them down to the raft, steal the oars and spend 10 minutes explaining the dangers. I then have to turn over the oars for two reasons:
A. They are bigger than me, and I don't feel like a midnight swim.
B. 100 feet away they have awoke at least one of the babies sleeping in the tent. I now get to sit in a dark tent and try to lull them back to sleep, and pray that the over sized children I left down at the lake aren't drowning.
Yup.....could have stayed home and relaxed. It is after such weekend vacations that I truly need a vacation. I just don't need that stress.

So here I sit on this memorial weekend feeling blessed that not one person asked me to "do something". My hubby planned a boys weekend AWAY from our house! Thank you!
I had the privilege of staying home, cleaning house, editing pictures, eating easy meals, and playing with my daughter. Now that is what I call a successful Holiday Weekend! I hope yours was everything you wanted it to be also!

7 Live It or Love It:

Sara@Sarandipity said...

Don't worry Corey, I'm right there with you. I'd rather stay home and do my own thing than deal with other people who expect me to do everything for them. Maybe you could campout in your backyard someday. You get to be close to nature and you don't have to deal with the drunks or other peoples kids. I hope you enjoy your day with just you and Makenna!

Helen said...

I also love staying home on long weekends. It seems like a lot of work gets put into planning, prepping, packing, then coming home and unpacking and all of a sudden your weekend is over and you didn't do anything remotely relaxing. For me, I work all week taking care of my house and family and I look forward to do nothing on the weekends.

Laura said...

Mark and I are total homebodies too! When we end up with more plans than usual (like this weekend), it just wears us out. Ugh! I hope you and Kenna had a great, relaxing weekend!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh my gosh, Corey! Kyle and I are the BIGGEST homebodies, too. For all the exact same reasons. :)

You are so funny. I love to read your writing. I really do hope you will enter some of the writing projects going on right now!

Nikkie said...

Add me to the homebodies club Corey! I'm right there with you for ALL the same reasons!!!

Meghan said...

Are you kidding? The best time to stay at home an relax is over holiday weekends! Who wants to be on the road with all those drunk crazies?

Anonymous said...

I love Sara's idea to camp out in your own backyard! Maybe when Makenna's a little older? And, around here it's not always nature noises at night! (LOL!) Hope you had fun, especially when the sun came out!

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