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Friday, October 19, 2007

Goodbye Four For Friday....

Hello Friday Freestyle! is true...I am switching it up. I was starting to get stressed out by the Four For Friday...I would sit here painfully trying to come up with something to write, and that is definitely NOT the purpose of blogging for me. I want to write about what moves me at the time, just has to go. I am replacing it with the new Friday Freestyle. It will be a hodge podge of whatever suits me at the time. Often it will be the day I wrap up bloggity business, pass on awards, share a funny, or whatever floats my boat. Sound good? I hope so.

Today, I want to start with sharing just how horribly spoiled I am becoming....If we aren't careful...I'll soon be so bling heavy, I fall off the Internet. tee hee...can a person have too many good friends? I personally don't think so.

On with the awards...

*The Nap warden passed on the Trick or Treat Award to me today. This award was created by Hootin Anni and she simply said:
You're more than welcomed to pass it along
to ones you think are deserving of a special treat
for the season.
Kinda like "Pay it Forward"
Y'know, one goodwill gesture deserves another?
But DON'T just choose your friends
making this cliquish and 'just groupies'...
Make NEW friends by choosing random visitors!!!

I'd love to pass this fun one on to some of my newest commenters. I appreciate you so much!

-Melissa at Wool Gatherings
-Deb at Missives From Suburbia
-Kelly in the Mirror
-Megan at Fried Okra
- and Julie....I would love to know how to contact you...would you email me?

*Next Donetta, who is such a dear sweet friend presented me with the BFF Blog Friend Forever Award.

We have met through blogging, and She just touches my heart so much. She wrote:

Corey is so inspirational with her photography and well written pros. Her passion in motherhood warms my heart.

Thank you Donetta, you are such a lovely person.

I'd love to pass this award on to:

-Jo She is totally funny, and has warmly accepted me into her heart. Thank you, Jo.

*And speaking of dear Jo...she spoils me like crazy.

~First she gives me the Community Blogger Award created by Cellobella

Cellobela says,
The Community Blog Award celebrates people who reach out and makes the blogger community a better one.

Thank you JO for feeling that I fit that description. You made my heart smile today.

I'd like to pass this on to:

-Megan from Sortacrunchy-Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes
-Pam from Kids Kitchen

~Secondly she awarded me the Bodacious Blog Award.

WOW....I am starting to feel a bit too big for my britches...and it can't possibly have anything to do with all the junk food I have been consuming.

I'd like to pass this award on to:

-In the life of a child

So many of you deserve awards....I feel blessed with so many friends and readers. Thank you all for all the support. YOU make blogging so much fun!

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!! :) Oh.... and Part Three of our Fall Trip is coming on Monday. :) Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments so far. It has truly blessed my heart.

10 Live It or Love It:

Megan Cobb said...

Friday Freestyle! Love it! And thanks for the bling, too... Great way to start a Friday! Hugs and happy weekend to you and the family.

Anonymous said...

Look at all those awards ~ congrats!!

Thanks for giving me a prize, too! I like the idea of rewarding new commenters - I'll be sure to pass it along. :-)

Deb said...

Congrats on all the awards - you deserve all of them! :)

Autumn said...

Congrats on all the awards, you truly do deserve every one of them... but your killing me here. Don't you know I've been sitting on the edge of my seat for TWO whole days waiting for pics of sugar bear and her jeep??!!! Not to mention I NEED to know how everything ended. Did your sinus infection clear up? Did you get any icky things from the water? Did anyone fall into the out house? ... Yes I have a sickness. lol

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahh thanks Corey. You put the biggest smile on my face. I'm really happy to be your blog friend forever.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Love the Friday Freestyle, friend! I need a day like that. hmmmmm, Fridays are already booked over at SortaCrunchy. Maybe I can pencil in Tuesdays? Anyway - great idea.

And THANK YOU for the award. You are way too kind, you know that?

Corey, I am both so proud of and so motivated by your blogging beauty these days. I have so relished getting to know you even better in these months since you have taken up the blog. How you juggle all that you do is beyond me, but I have been so richly rewarded in reading all that you have to share.

You are a true Blogarina, baby!

Cynthia said...

So many awards!!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Hum, I don't recall EVER seeing that picture of Sugar Bear in the pumpkin! How did I miss that in 2005? And I thought I was in your loop... LOL I sure can see the difference your new niffy camera makes! Do you think SB would sit in a pumpkin this year???? LOL
Speaking of pumpkins...Harvest Party...same place, same time, here in the community. By the way, do you ever get trick or treaters at your house? I think we've had 3 in the 17 years we've been here!

mamashine said...

Thanks so much! :) You're sweet.

Lindy said...

I totally missed this post until it showed up in my Technorati profile (after the typical lengthy Technorati delay...) Sorry it took me so long to notice, Corey!

Congrats on all the awards you superstar bloggin' diva, you! And thanks for dubbing my blog 'bodacious' : )

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