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Thursday, October 25, 2007

I is for.....Innocence. in "purity of heart"! My Sugar Bear is the picture of Innocence.
William Butler Yeats once said, “The innocent and the beautiful have no enemy but time”. I think of this, and it makes me sad. Why must the innocent child proceed through time, and lose that most precious gift? Why must that pure heart learn of sadness, anger, heartbreak, evil, destruction, and death?

Do you remember when blowing the seeds from a dandelion meant making wishes, magic, fairies, and fun? When did I grow up and realize that blowing dandelions just spreads weeds? When did I lose the magic? When did I stop believing. Oh how I wish....wish I could shield my Sugar from all things ugly in this world. I wish I could preserve her innocence forever.

"First I make a wish, then I blow real hard,
And the little dandelions blow all over the yard,
And I wait and I hope for my wish to come true.
Guess there's only so much a dandelion can do."
~A verse from Dandelion Song
(Linda Allen, Kristin and Jennifer Allen-Zito)

When I look into her eyes I see only the beautiful things in life. I don't see the lines of pain and sorrow. I don't see the knowledge of hurt and heartache. I see unconditional love and trust. I see belief....wonder....magic....and hope. She just closes her eyes and makes a wish.

She tackles each day with INTEREST. She doesn't hold back for fear of failure. She tries new things. She asks questions, and soaks up the answers as if she were a daisy reaching for the sun.

She looks on the world with INTRIGUE. She notices things I have long ago forgotten. She finds all things worthy of INSPECTION, and often deems them amazing. To her, even a bug deserves a second glance, a question, a moment of her life.

She lets her IMAGINATION run wild, and doesn't fear looking silly or IGNORANT. She has no hang ups about how she looks, or what she knows. She just does what seems right to her at the time, only sometimes looking back for that smile of encouragement from her mama.

She giggles, and snickers....

and the joy of life simply radiates from her soul. It blesses my heart to have captured this feeling in a photo. This single photo is the picture of INNOCENCE, of purity of heart. This small child knows what is right with this world. I find her to be so very INSPIRATIONAL. She makes me want to be a better person.

Indeed, I need to be a better person, as I have no doubt this INNOCENT child learned the following attitude from ME. There is no way, a child who finds great joy in the simple things could possible be this BORED with a daisy! Okay, so maybe it was the fourth time she asked to get off the rock and go play, and I begged, "please baby....just a few more pictures!"

Yup...that might have done it. THAT might have stole the joy right out of a perfect day of exploring. A perfect day of interest, intrigue, inspection, imagination,and innocence. Sorry Sugar Bear, Mama is several steps behind you...but she is learning...she is trying.

(These photos were taken this past July....if you are interested in seeing the others I took that day, please visit this post titled,
"A Creek, some Cows....and a Sugar Bear!")

29 Live It or Love It:

Megan Cobb said...

Those are beautiful photos... they capture your feelings and her attitudes perfectly. And I am, and Bean is, right there with you. Hugs!

Mary Ann said...

It makes me heartsick to think of Sam and Joel growing up too. I wan't them to stay my sweet, precious babies forever. I too want to guard them from many things but I guess it just isn't possible.

I love your adorable pictures, as always and I also loved the last few lines of your post. Haha!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. I know exactly how you feel, loving to see them hit each milestone, yet with it one step closer to changing perspective and losing innocence.

Maude Lynn said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful words.

Deb said...

Oh what a sweet post and photos... I love the next-to-last one especially - it just completely sums up the innocence you describe so eloquently. Beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! I love the first one the most, I think.

Lori said...

You're such a sweet momma. I have to say that I think the kids keep me believing in innocence. They make sure that I don't get cynical and pessimistic.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Love all these photos! Reminds me of day I was complaining about a yard full of weeds, they were buttercups, and YOU said, "Oh, I love those flowers!"

Perspective. You still have your innocence. *smile*

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Corey~living and loving said...

Mandy said...
Oh, wow! You and Sugar Bear make the perfect photography team! I love these pictures! Definitely takes me back to my childhood!

Anonymous said...

Simply adorable! Those pictures are definitely worthy of being framed! Such cute expressions! I can tell you're one proud mama! :)

the rotten correspondent said...

Great pictures.

All adults should approach life that way, too.

Laura said...

Beautiful post! And those pictures are stunning!

Cynthia said...

Sweet sweet photos....

The Egel Nest said...

OMG...How cute are those PHOTOS???

What a scene stealer!!!


The Egel Nest

mama bear said...

You remember that time we were in your sister-in-law's back yard and I was trying to explain to you what it would be like when you had a child? I couldn't put it into words how your life was going to change or the emotions you were going to just did it with your thoughts, pictures and words. Thank you!

mama bear said...

Did you find my pic on your computer so I can put it on my blog site?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - both the sentiments and the pictures! The world seems to move so much faster than it did when I was a kid (and I'm only 29!) I can remember catching fireflies on warm summer nights and riding my bike until I thought my legs would fall off . . . I hope that I can give my children those same experiences. Your post was a wonderful reminder that all the hard work of doing that it truly worth it!

I look forward to reading more! Thanks as well for stopping by my little place.

david mcmahon said...

You didn't STOP believing, Corey. You just started believing in other things .... like life, friendship and marriage. It's the same faith, invested in different but equally meaningful facets of life.

Patriot said...

Adorable pictures!

Just wanted to let you know I'm hosting a giveaway - come check it out! Thanks!

... said...

i don't know what i enjoyed more... the photos or what you wrote. both are beautiful.

Meghan said...

Such sweet photos, Corey... and that last one is cracking me up!

Also, I want to second what David said.


mrsnesbitt said...

Corey, this is a wonderful post.
Do you want me to add you to ABC Wednesday blogroll?
I will let others know too.

Please let me know.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oooo Corey I love this.
It made me feel all sad and happy and weepy and smiley.
Miss M is so like sugarbear. She views the world with wide open eyes and joy.
Miss E still has that joy but at just 7 already knows some of the harder stuff in life. She just got home from a Halloween party and was so excited to tell me everything that I felt relieved in knowing there is still magic there for her for a while yet. It does go too fast though.
Big sighhhhhhh.

Michelle said...

what a great series of photos showing "innocence"!

holly said...

this is such a fantastic post, Corey. well done. what an absolutely great set of shots!

Anonymous said...

My word! Could she possibly get any cuter??? That dress is just priceless, and wow! What a beautiful series of photos!

Mima said...

What a really beautiful set of pictures, it must have been an amazing day, and with your words as well you have really captured the innocence and joys of seeing the world in that way - sometimes it would be so nice to be able to turn back the clock!

Jeni said...

Fantastic! Just another day when I am so glad I read David's blog and follow his suggestions.

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