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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Today when I picked up Miss Sugar Bear (2.5 years old) from preschool, I asked her, "What did you learn today, honey?", and our conversation went something like this:

Sugar: I learn about fire, mama!
Mama:, huh? What did you learn about fire?
Sugar: It is dangerous!
Mama: Oh my is dangerous for sure. What else did you learn?
Sugar: Sometimes when is dark and smokey.
Mama: Yes, sometimes it is.
Sugar: And a fireman will come.
Mama: Yes, a fireman will come. What will he do?
Sugar: (She leaned in close and said in a quiet voice)He will be a monster...and it might be LOUD and smelly....but he will (much louder now) SAVE ME!
Mama: (giggling) A Monster? What do you mean, honey?
Sugar: He SCARY like a monster, but he will SAVE ME!
Mama: (still giggling) OH I see! The Fireman might look scary when he comes to save you.
Sugar: (nodding) uh huh...and he will have a mask and a hat, and he will.....SAVE ME!
Mama: Yes....a mask and a hat. He will come to save you!
Sugar: YUP! (smiling)
Mama: And what about mama...will he save her?
Sugar: (thinking...pause...thinking) I Just don't know mama!
Mama: Well, I certainly hope so!
Sugar: Me too!

Her daycare provider/teacher had to literally hold back hysterical laughter. She later informed me quietly that she never mentioned the word MONSTER, but had told the children that sometimes the firemen look scary in their masks. Sugar Bear has been a tad preoccupied with Monsters, so I guess she just put the word monster together with scary. It really was quite cute.

I love that she is at the age where she can tell me a story or relay what she learned each day. I enjoy feeling connected to her life outside of the time we spend together. Pick up time is my favorite time of day. I love seeing her excitement to see me, and hear the rush of information she can't wait to tell me. Our conversation continues as we drive home, and often at the table. It truly blesses my heart hearing her interpretation of the days events.

7 Live It or Love It:

:) said...

Oh yes the joys of children's stories. I love them as well. They only get better as they get older!

Anonymous said...

Pick-up time is my favorite time of the day, too! My son acts like he hasn't seen me in a week, even though it's been only 8 hours. Sugar Bear's "monster fireman" story was so cute! I love your writing style!

Laura said...

Awww, I love it! I'm really impressed that they're teaching her those things in preschool! And that she's picking up on them so well too.

And yes, I really hope that the fireman would SAVE YOU too! LOL

Autumn said...

Oh that Sugar Bear! How cute she is, I'm impressed at how well she tells you what happened during her day. Smart little cookie! :)

Deb said...

Wow - you get a lot of detail there from Sugar Bear! When I used to pick up Abby from preschool and asked her what she did that day, her answer used to be 'everything!' and that was about all I got without asking her more specific questions, LOL.

I think it's great that they're starting to warn kids when teaching fire safety that the firefighters will look scary - much less chance that they would hide from them if it ever came about.

Such a cute story! :)

Maude Lynn said...

That's so cute! I dread pick-up. Baby Puppy is one of those "school's out, let's have a meltdown" kids!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

SAVE ME!!!!!

Hee hee hee - she is so cute. And SMART!

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