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Saturday, January 21, 2012

52 Weeks of ME 2012- Week Three

The theme/prompt for this week was: MORNING

My week didn't go as all. Sugar Bear ended up sick from Saturday morning, until Friday morning. Not even kidding. We didn't leave the house once in that time. I had planned to grab a shot doing something I would normally do on a week day morning, but there just wasn't anything normal about this week at all.

Soooooooooooooo....why not get a shot that is totally not normal? or at least a shot that would make you wonder just how "normal" I am. tee hee

Sugar Bear grabbed this shot of me Thursday morning. I had purchased a Pumelo on Friday....and sort forgot about it. I had never had one before, but it was for sure the biggest darn grapefruit I have ever seen. Sugar Bear and I were goofing around....and she captured a shot of me that makes us both giggle. So why not share?


Tee hee...

Be sure to link up if you are playing along. Can't wait to see your MORNING shots.

Next week's theme/prompt: CLOSE

5 Live It or Love It:

SnapScrapRepeat said...

So sorry to hear about the un-normalness of life and the sickies to boot! Hope all are feeling better soon! My brain is twirling around the new theme....!

Arizaphale said...

Well, everything else aside you got a great shot!!! :-)

Arizaphale said...

Quick question...'close' as in close-up or close as in CLOSE THE DOOR!!!! hahaha?

cat said...

Such a cool shot - hope she is all better.

Jessie said...

I have never even heard of those :) Great shot by Sugar Bear though :)

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