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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Week 70


January 23rd found me ever so grateful to get back to a predictable and healthy schedule. Sugar Bear made it back to school, and I was back at work. There was a TON of things waiting for me to do, but it was manageable. Sugar enjoyed being back at school with her friends. She wore a "best friend" necklace she got from our of her sweet friends, "I". We don't see "I" as much, since they are not in the same school anymore. Sugar told me this week that she wished that some of her friends from her old school could come to her new school. It is hard to see her missing them.


January 24th found us woefully back to reality. tee hee....just kidding. It was fine. homework. I snapped a shot of Miss Sugar doing some rainbow writing. I always love how it looks when she is done. So pretty.


January 25th was yet and school. We stopped by the local pottery place to pick up the finished pottery from Sugar's party. It is always fun to see all the little works of art all shiny and new. This is Sugar's gecko she painted.


January 26th brought SUN! oh the glorious SUN! I took some time during a fire drill at work to snap a few shots. I'm a multi-tasker like that. I can't waste a minute. I honestly was so thrilled to be outside in the SUN, I just didn't want to go back to my office. I can't wait for the late Spring/early summer weather.


January 27th made us soooooooooooooooooo happy to finally see the end of our week. After being off work and school all last made for a super duper long feeling week. We made it through, and Sugar Bear was dancing and twirling when I picked her up at the bus stop. We had a few errands, which included stopping at my brother's house. She was having a blast with her cousins, and they asked if she could spend the night. So she stayed....and I went home and had an evening to myself. It was lovely for both of us.


January 28th let me sleep in a bit which was nice. I had just woken up when my phone rang, and it was a wonderful, long time friend calling. We talked for 2 hours. It was delightful. Love her. I then made a shopping list, and went into town to fetch my Sugar Bear and do some MUCH NEEDED grocery shopping. When we got home, we did a bit of work on Sugar's 100 day of school project.


January 29th was a rainy sort of day, so after cleaning Sugar's room, and purging clothes and toys, we did some rain painting. We put drops of food coloring on some card stock, then let it sit in the rain for a few minutes. It was fun to watch the rain paint. We let the paper dry, and might be using it to make some Valentines. We also played Sequence for Kids several times, and Sugar played her new Princess U-draw Wii game she got from her grandparents for her birthday. It is the first game that has sucked her in. She isn't much of a video game player, and that is fine by me.


4 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

Enjoy this year back at work.....long time till next break!
My granddaughter like Sugar misses her friends who are not at her school this year, she started Grade 1

Arizaphale said...

I miss the days of doing things like rain paintings. Nowadays it's arguments over facebook and parties. *sigh*
Beautiful images.

Autumn said...

LOVED talking with you Saturday. Wish we lived closer and didn't have phone phobias hehe. By the way, after the shock that I actually invited him wore off... he said "If you're sure that you want to take me I'd be honored to escort you and I graciously accept your invitation." Yes he used those exact words. :)

Jen said...

Week 70, wow!! I love the rain painting idea. I might have to steal it. I am glad you guys had a healthy week.

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