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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Week 69


January 16th us still at home with a sick Sugar Bear. The good was a holiday, so neither of us had to be anywhere. Good thing, too. Sugar spent the entire day in bed. Poor little honey. The weather had given us a lite dusting of snow around our house in the night. The first of the season. I knew Sugar Bear was sick when she didn't even bother to look out the window to see it. :( I went outside for a bit.....the first time in 3 days. It was so pretty, and the fresh air was lovely.


January 17th was a WONDERFUL day...minus a sick Sugar Bear. She did rally on this day, and felt pretty darn good with just a low fever. The reason it was soooooooooooo wonderful, you may ask?????? I got high speed Internet, and wireless at that. woo hoo! So very excited. Previously, we had dial up....UGH.....and then Satellite Internet. That was costing us a fortune, and it wasn't very good. I could stream videos or anything. When it would rain would constantly be interrupted. and it rains here.....A LOT! So needless to say....I was over the top excited when High Speed opened up in my area right before Christmas. I set an appointment to get hooked up...and waited. It was so worth waiting for. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! So fast....and we can watch Netflix! Awesome....and the best party.....$40 cheaper a month. WOO HOOOOO! So you can understand that I took a shot of the modem. tee hee

January 18th brought quite a bit of NASTY weather. They closed schools in our area in anticipation of 100 MPH winds. That was such good news for us...because the Fever was back. ugh.....At least this way, Sugar wouldn't miss more instruction at school. The winds came....the rain came with it, and this was the beginning of a really big flood around here. I snapped a shot of the view from our front windows. The fields filled with water rather quickly. We had been having such a dry winter. While we needed the rain.....we could have done without getting like 15 inches in 3 days. ack. However....Sugar and I weren't going we hardly noticed.


January 19th was another day home with a sick little honey. I don't recall doing much of anything at all. While I didn't catch this bug, I did have a minor cold, and was so tired. I basically cuddled my girl...and read 3 books. It was sort of nice in a way. Sugar is so quiet and snuggly when she isn't feeling well. I took a shot of a Pumelo. I blogged a bit about it here. But seriously.....look at the waste on this thing. So much rind. But it is a very sweet grapefruit. I loved the taste...just not the waste.

January 20th was yet ANOTHER day at home. So...if you are counting.....this was our 7th straight day at our jammies....doing nothing. Thanks to the Monday holiday and the bad wind Wednesday, I only missed 3 days at work, and Sugar only missed 3 days of school. If this HAD to was a pretty good time to have it happen. We took advantage of Netflix a lot....and I taught Sugar Bear how to play Solitaire and Mahjong on our laptop. I forgot to take a photo all snapped a quick shot of the TV while The Hubby was choosing something to watch after Sugar Bear was in bed. As you can see...he has interesting choices in TV watching.

January 21st was a day of rejoicing! For a bit there....we were worried that I'd have to cancel Sugar's Birthday party yet again! Whew...she woke up fever free and feeling GREAT. Of course, she was a bit weak from being sick for 6 days, but she was so ready to get dressed (first time in 6 days), and get out of the house. Her party was a huge success, with 13 friends, and the perfect penguin cupcake cake to celebrate with her. The black frosting...oh yes....that was bad! I normally steer away from artificial food dyes, but there isn't anywhere in our town that does natural....and Sugar NEEDED a penguin cake. So...what the's just one cake! LOL too bad it needed to be black though. MAN it was so funny. The kids teeth.....ick! it stuck with you, too. I'm sure the moms loved me. Sugar had a yellow foot, so no black mouth for her. :) She was such a happy little honey, though. Great day!


January 22nd just couldn't be spent at home. We'd been cooped up for far....far too long! We met some friends at the Pottery Place, and they gave Sugar a birthday present. In this shot you see the sleeping mask they gave her, and the cake pop they brought for a birthday treat! It was lovely to be with D and I. It had been such a long time since we've seen them. We had both lunch and dinner with them. We have to make a better effort to see them more often. No excuses.


So there you have it. Our week.......what a doozy! Sugar Bear is normally so very healthy, so this was big. was going around. There were 10 out of the 25 kids in her class out sick with this bug that week.

4 Live It or Love It:

Janet said...

What a lovely Birthday cake!! Happy Birthday to Sugar Bear - my word, she's growing and growing! :)

Susan said...

Sorry to hear your little Sugar Bear was sick. Not fun! We caught a bit of something here as well, and it really knocked us out. Love the penguin cake, so cute! How great that she was able to go to her party!

Arizaphale said...

Hooray for parties, penguin cakes and high speed internet!! My BA is also usually so healthy. I remember the first really bad cold/flu that she got at the age of 9 where she looked at me in great distress saying, "mam, I can't breathe!!!!" I just had to laugh....glad the Bear had a good party and is on the recovery road.

Jen said...

I am so glad she is finally feeling better. Man, oh man. That was a doozy. The penguin cake is pretty adorable.

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