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Monday, January 2, 2012

My week 65


December 19th was the first day of Christmas Break for Sugar Bear, and she got the opportunity to spend time at her old daycare while I worked. That evening I could be found working on cookies for my cookie exchange at work. There is a curse on this exchange. Even a tried and true cookie recipe will give me trouble if I'm making them for this exchange. These yummy Pecan Pie cookies cooked up way to thin. argh. They tasted good though. I might have eaten way more than my share recently. (whistling......)


December 20th we stopped off at a friend's house on the way home so that we could pick up our Ivy Girl. The Hubby was out crabbing, and Ivy is not to be trusted home alone, so she had been over on a sleepover. They have a dog named, Anna, and they soooooooooooo love to play and play. I took a snap of one of the ornaments we gave our friend for watching Ivy so much for us. We appreciate it a lot. So nice to have a doggy sitter. :)


December 21st started off with the cookie exchange in the morning, and an awesome Gingerbread House making party at our neighbor's house. This was the second year my neighbor has held this party and it has been a highlight of our holiday season. So fun.


December 22nd was errand day. Sugar spent the day with friends at daycare while I ran around town like a chicken with my head cut off, then hurried home to wrap presents and such. It was a glorious frosty morning. I love the sun on all the frost. Such beautiful light.


December 23rd was supposed to be my baking and cleaning day in preparation for a houseful of guests on Christmas eve. The Hubby threw a monkey in that plan by insisting on making 10+ batches of gingerbread. He was determined to make the biggest Gingerbread House we have ever seen. I was determined to "go with the flow", but I must admit, it as hard. I'm a planner, and I had things planned.

December 24th ended up being just wonderful, even though I didn't have as clean of a house as I would like, and several of my cooking plans didn't happen. The Hubby's family were all at our house, and we had such a lovely day. So good to all be together. I snapped this shot of Sugar Bear pretending to help herself to Santa's cookies. Shortly after this shot was taken we heard Ivy munch munch munching, and turned around to see her eating a carrot. What a sneaky dog.
Sugar went to bed happy and content......and excited for morning.


December 25th was CHRISTMAS! What's not to love about that. Sugar got up a bit after 7am, and came to my bed to see if she could go see what Santa brought her. I climbed out of bed so I wouldn't miss it. We opened presents from each other, and somehow managed to get a late start heading out to my parent's house. We got there just in time for lunch, and then some present opening. Sugar was very pleased with everything she got. To be honest, she enjoyed passing out the presents to everyone the best. ♥


1 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

I have yet to build a gingerbread house. It is kind of on the same level as carving pumpkins.... I just don't get into creating temporary things. Looks like Sugar is having fun, though, and I suspect my kids would, too.

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