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Friday, January 13, 2012

My Week 67


January 2nd was the official New Year's holiday, so we got to stay home from School and work ONE.MORE.DAY. :) We weren't sad about it one little bit. We putzed around the house doing this and that. Sugar Bear wanted to wear the fake princess nails she got in her stocking. They lasted about 15 minutes...then HAD.TO.COME.OFF! We are not girly in our house. They were what too high maintenance for us. They were holding back our adventures.


January 3rd found us smacked back into reality. School for the Sugar, and work for me. It was a long....long....long day. I took this picture of the building next to Sugar Bear's dance school. I love a cold crisp night, and the clear blue skies. I always find this window to be a bit creepy looking with the glow of the street light. I'm not fond at all of getting home in the dark. I'm looking forward to the longer daylight hours.


January 4th brought a really wonderful surprise. Sugar Bear brought home a book from her reading group at school and proceeded to read the entire thing to me excitedly. This is BIG.....HUGE for her. She learned to read when she was four. The loved it, and kept up the excitement for a month or so....then said, "I'm done. I know how to read, but I don't like to!" It has been like pulling teeth ever since. I tend to parent with the idea that "all things will come in their time" attitude. I don't push, or rush....or try to force Sugar to do anything. She potty trained late....but she did it in 3 days, and never an accident after. I like to wait until she is completely ready. So with the reading....I've just let it go. I ask her if she wants to read to me, and she always.....ALWAYS says, "No thanks!" So when she jumped in the truck soooooooooooo excited to read me this book.....I about died, but I kept my composure.....said, "OOOOO...I'd love that!" She did great. I snapped this shot at a stoplight. :) The book was "The Cinnamon Bun Mystery". I'm thinking it was the Mystery part that drew her in. So I'm looking for some beginning reader mysteries for her.


January 5th was a regular old boring day. I entertained myself at work snapping a few shots of myself on the phone. I know this confused a few readers when I posted it for my "52 weeks of ME" photo. I don't like to say exactly what I do for a living, as I tend to try to keep some stuff pretty anonymous. I will say, that I am in the Early Childhood field, but I'm not in the classroom. I don't spend a great deal of time on the phone, but I on it a bit, depending on the day. Often I'm on the computer at the same time, so it is nice to have my hands free. It just takes some getting used to. I do like not having a crink in my neck from trying to hold the handset on my shoulder.


January 6th didn't hold many new or interesting things, but I wanted to nab a shot of Sugar Bear when she got off the bus. I only get to pick her up from the bus on Mondays and Fridays. I love seeing her jump down the stairs of the bus, and run to me all full of glee. I don't care what has happened during the day....this smiling face can fix it. ♥


January 7th was a fun day for all. The Hubby spent time with friends, Sugar went to her Grandma's with her cousins, and I went to a super, duper fun girl's night with my own friends. I stayed out until 3am....and was still wide awake. We chatted it up....played some "Just Dance" on the Wii, and chatted some more. Always a good time. We need to do it more often.

January 8th was a quite day. I was operating on about 4 hours sleep, and Sugar was ultra excited about some Birthday gifts she got from her grandparents, and her cousins. We had a blast playing this fun new "I Spy" game. Sugar is really good at it, and that makes her happy. Like many kiddos.....she doesn't like to lose, so it is a good thing when she is successful at a fame. I often let her win the first few to get her going, then I sneak in a win for myself. It is a goal of mine to help her be a good sport when it comes to games. She is getting better about it, but it isn't easy for her. She gets frustrated and doesn't want to play if she doesn't win MOST of the time. I know this is normal, but I do feel it can be helped, so we are working on it.


3 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Oh man I remember when Bug finally decided he loved reading... in first grade. It's amazing how big a difference a year or two makes. He still loves to read but this year we are struggling a bit finding him books that he loves. Last year his teacher was really on top of it. This year he's expected to take a bigger lead and well it's just not happening. Girls night... I dream of a girls night.... I'm so jealous! :)

Beth Cotell said...

We have an I Spy game too! Lots of fun! My kids hate to loose as well...I think it's natural. But you are right, it's something that can (and really must) be worked on!

Have a great weekend!

Jeanette said...

LOL about her deciding not to read again :) Glad she's found a book to get excited again

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