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Friday, January 6, 2012

My Week 66


December 26th was such a wonderful and relaxing day. I was suffering a bit from a cold that started on Christmas eve, but being that I was at my parent's house, I just didn't have a lot that I needed to do. I got a chance to take it easy. My dad, Sugar Bear and I had started a fun puzzle project on Christmas night. We were able to wrap it all up in the morning. If you like mysteries and you like puzzles, you really need to do one of these puzzle mysteries. We had such fun figuring out "who done it". There were two 500 piece puzzles that were mixed together, and we had no idea what they looked like. Once we got the puzzles together, we were able to find the clues to solve the mystery that we read in the little booklet that comes with it. I loved working on this with my dad and my girl. GREAT memory I'll cherish forever.


December 27th was a day of wrapping up the fun at my parents, then stopping off at the in-law's house on our way home. Nothing really got done......we just took it easy. It was nice to be back home. I snapped this shot of Sugar Bear playing around with her apple slices. I can never get good color in our bathroom. This is wear she wanted me to get the shot of her. She is a goof ball.

December 28th was a mellow morning. I was still suffering a bit from my cold. It wasn't a horrible cold, but it tired me out. Sugar Bear met up with her cousins and headed back up to my parent's house with them for a few days. She was VERY excited about this. I planned on getting some things done around the house....but I was pretty lazy. I took this photo of a fork full of the ice cream cake I made for Christmas eve. It truly could be my favorite dessert I have ever made. Thank you, Pinterest! You can see it here. If you love Girl Scout Samoa HAVE to make this pie. WOW!


December 29th was delightful. I read.....and read.....and just sort of lazed around. My cold made me feel so very tired. Sugar had a blast up at Grandma and Grandpa's house, while mama did NOTHING. If I'm gonna take vacation time.....and be sick....I might as well be lazy, too. I'm enjoying this cozy mystery series. It is sort of like getting to knit and read at the same time. If I could really figure out how to do this....I'd be a happy, happy girl. ♥


December 30th was another simple day at home. By now....I'm not sure if I have bathed in days..... (shhhhh, don't tell anyone). I'm pretty sure no one wants to be around me, except for the dog....she won't quit giving me her ball. She is sooooooooooo obsessed with fetch. SO.VERY.OBSESSED!!!!


December 31st....New Year's eve! I'm finally feeling a bit better. I bathed. Yes....I did. and I even got a few things done. I traveled into town to retrieve my Sugar Bear, and do some grocery shopping. We headed home, set off a few fireworks, and had Miss Sugar in bed by 9pm. Too many late nights at Grandma's had her exhausted. The Hubby was asleep by 10pm, and I stayed up past midnight, but I was in bed reading from 11pm -1:07am. I couldn't stop reading "My Lobotomy". I finished it up....and finally drifted off into 2012.


January 1st was New Year's day. We got a surprise invite to meet with some friends at a local track to let the kiddos ride bikes. A German friend made some really wonderful "New Year's Pretzels", and brought them to share. It is a German tradition and brings good luck. We were to honored to be a part of this fun. It was lovely. We are hoping for many fun outings with friends in 2012.


2 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

Grass in January. Not even sure that's fair! :) Glad you are feeling better. Lazy days aren't so bad. Do we have to accomplish something all the time?

Jessie said...

Looks like a fun week! Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

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