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Sunday, January 1, 2012

My week 64


Gosh I hope I can remember what I did on all these days. eeekkkk.....I can't keep letting myself get so very behind on posting them.

December 12th, I'm sure, was a pretty normal day at work, and school for our family. I do know that The Hubby headed out to sea to help his friend drop his crab pots to start the commercial crabbing season here. Sadly, a fishing boat went down that day, and a fisherman lost his life. It was a hard way to start the season for everyone. My heart goes out to the family of the man lost at sea. :( Sugar Bear and I spent the evening working on her homework project. We had to make a space shuttle for her little egg astronaut. This photo is of Eggbert before he was placed in the shuttle. He was set for take off on the following Friday.


December 13th was the first "open class" day at dance for this year. It was such a joy to have the opportunity to watch Sugar Bear dance with her friends. Fun to see her growth.


December 14th was a normal Wednesday. Sugar Bear had a ton of homework to finish up. I'm not a fan of the homework thing. So hard to get done when we barely have time at home. I'm hoping we find a homework sort of groove soon. Here she is showing how she designed her space shuttle.


December 15th found us finishing up with work and school, and heading off to the local pottery place for a quick get together with friends. I love the pottery place. I simply do not know why I don't go there more often. We were a bit rushed, as we had the 2nd "open class" day at dance to get to. It was worth the effort though. Connecting with friends is never a bad idea. :)


December 16th was a pretty special day at school for Sugar Bear. I took the entire day off from school so that I could volunteer in the morning, and then enjoy the festivities in the afternoon. The morning was a school wide Holiday activity. The school was separated out into 4 different mixed age groups. Each group was about 40 children, grade k-8th. They then moved from room to room experiencing how different cultures around the world celebrate during the holiday season. It was so wonderful to see all the children working together. The older child helped the younger ones a lot. So sweet. In this photo, Sugar is listening to one of the teachers tell a story about a certain culture. I love the lighting. So dramatic. Later in the day, the first grade class held a winter concert for their families. It was so very fabulous. They sang like 5-7 songs and were so darn cute. LOVED IT! and THEN....they had the big space shuttle egg drop. The principle dropped all the shuttles off the roof, one by one. Sugar was so worried about Eggbert....but he survived. 10 out of the 24 survived. So fun.


December 17th was a day of fun. We attended a birthday party at the pottery place for my niece. She is 3 weeks older than Sugar Bear. I can not believe that we are on their 7th birthdays.....eeeekkkk. Sugar's is coming up fast. After the pottery "kid party", we spent the evening at my brother's house for the family party. The birthday girl received an interesting toy where you style hair on a dolls head, then you can take the hair off like a wig and put it on. My dad shocked us all by agreeing to put on the wig to surprise his grand girls. it was hilarious, and he would not be too happy to know that I posted this photo. So....shhhhhhhhhh....don't tell.


December 18th was made dash last minute sewing day. Sugar was my little sewing buddy, and my best cheerleader. ♥ That girl is so supportive. Whenever I make mistakes.....she is there to tell me it will be okay, and no one will notice. gosh....I love this girl. ♥


1 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

The picture of your dad is hilarious! What a good sport! I can't believe Sugar is going to be 7. Time goes by so so fast!

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