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Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a New year!

While I'm not one to really do Resolutions every New Years, I am the type of person who does take the time to look towards the future, and think about where I've been....and where I want to be. I don't neccesarily choose out things I will try to is more like I find myself reflecting and refocusing.

New Year's day 2012 found us lazing around the house per usual, when a wonderful invite "dinged" into my inbox. A lovely new friend texted us the opportunity to join her family for an afternoon outside. I didn't hesitate to accept, as I want to say, "YES" more, and stay inside LESS.

We hoped in out truck and headed on out to a local track, and marsh area. 15 years in this area......and I had never been there. I am thrilled to say that we will definately be going back. Such a wonderful place to hang out with friends.

The kiddos got busy riding bikes. Some had new Christmas bikes, some had their same old bike, but it didn't matter. Everyone enjoyed racing around the track.


Sugar Bear hadn't had a good chance to ride her bike in over a month....or two. She was thrilled. We need to raise her seat though. She's been doing some growing for sure.


It had been sort of rainy the days before this, so this glorious light was a breath of fresh air. I was feeling so very grateful for the opportunity to be out in the sun. I think it did Sugar Bear some good, as well. She was full of smiles.


All that riding around the track can make a girl thirsty. REAL thirsty. She loves having a basket on the front of her bike. It is a perfect place for a meal from Subway. The milk came in handy, for sure.


There is just something about bikes laying about that screams childhood to me. I almost stole this bike.....I love, love, love the color.


Sugar's bike is a pink hand me down. I can't wait to get her her very own bike someday. Pink is her least favorite color......but she would never complain. I love that about her. Her seat has even been 1/3 eaten by a horse.......but the basket makes it all okay.


After awhile, we all hit the marsh trails to do a little bit of geocaching. I have never done this before, so it was a new experience. WOO HOO for trying something new. The scenery was AMAZING. If I hadn't held up the progress of the group, I could have taken photos all darn day. So......beautiful.


Soon we found our first item, and the little girls got right in the bushes to get it out. Loved seeing their excitement.


Sugar was fascinated by the treasures. What an interesting hobby this geocaching is.


Did I already mention how amazing the day was?????? and how beautiful the surroundings were? Seriously....I'm so grateful for my friend reaching out and getting me off my couch. I could have missed this.....


And this......


and this.......


Here's to 2012. May I spend more time saying, "yes" and less time in my house.

4 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

What an awesome day. I, too, am going to try and get out more. Check out my blogger friend at She is now over 1800 caches found! (They take this stuff seriously!). I would be so competitve about it, but nothing so intense in this area. Love that you had a great day. You seem so upbeat lately and it is catching!

Jessie said...

Fun day! We haven't tried that yet but it looks like so much fun! Looks like you are enjoying some beautiful weather as well. Us too - love it!

Autumn said...

Ok funny coincidence, on New Years day I was looking up geocaching because I thought it would be a fun hobby to start with Bug!
Looks like you had a really fun day. Good for you for getting up and out. I really need to do that this year more than ever. Working at home and living out in the country leaves me feeling like a hermit most of the time!

Jen said...

Looks like an amazing day. Sunshine always does the body good.

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