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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Checking in

Just a quick little note to let everyone know that I am yet again having Internet issues. sigh......I am unsure of when I'll be able to post photos. Could be tomorrow....could be a week. We'll see.
In the mean time, I'm back to work. boo hoo......and Sugar is back to daycare, which is good for her. She really missed her friends. Children NEED other kids to play with. I'm looking forward to getting us back on a schedule, and have a bit of a predictability.
We had a GREAT summer, and I have so many photos of the things we have done. I'll be editing them, and hopefully will have some success getting them uploaded to flickr, and into some posts soon.
Have a great day!

4 Live It or Love It:

bBchronicles said...

The blogging world is MISSING YOU! Hurry back as I know ALL ABOUT internet issues! Take a little break and enjoy - take a deep breath.

Marcelle said...

~thanks for checking in~
You are very when you ready, we here waiting for you!!!

Aspiemom said...

Waiting...I hate Internet problems!

Autumn said...

Darn it! internet issues are such a pain. :( Glad Sugar is having fun with her friends but sorry you are back to work already. Summer seems to fly by!

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