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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tell me Thursday~ Playing around



I posted some of my most favorite new photos using my new Opteka .35x HD² Super Wide Angle Panoramic Macro Fisheye Lens for Canon EOS / EF (could that name be any longer?). I was totally inspired to get this fun little toy by the amazing Carol. I have admired Carol, and her photography for about 4 years. Back in July she started posting some really silly shots, that got me all inspired. The great thing about Carol is that she always shares where she got the fun new stuff. Soon, it was sitting in my Amazon cart as well. It took me several weeks to push the purchase button, but I did, and have been experimenting away. There has been a learning curve that I still haven't came out on the fabulous side of yet, but I'm certainly having a blast. :) It totally is a bargain for the amount of fun I've been having.

The other day we went for a walk with our giraffe. How lucky are we?


Okay..okay, so it was just Tiny, but that's pretty fun too, right?


We visited our favorite tree hill. I am totally not kidding when I say that a TON of pics have been taken here. This is always were we jump in puddles in the winter. I love this shot because it accentuates the circle of the road.


A walk isn't complete without Daisy Dog....


And good times on the magic school bus (old trailer parked at the end of the road).


There is always time to enjoy nature along the way.


One of the important things to do when playing with a new toy is to take a picture of your bling. It certainly helps you figure out it's capabilities (while I'm kidding really did teach me a few things).


Of course one of the best things about this toy is the fact that it can create such silly and wacky images. I giggle each time I see this last picture.


Life is good, folks. Really GOOD!

9 Live It or Love It:

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

It looks like you are having a blast with it!

Autumn said...

Your giraffe.. bwaaaahaaaa. I don't know why but that just struck me so funny!! Maybe it's the amount I spent at the vet today on my donkeys and stray cat... I don't know but that is hilarious!! I wish I had a pet giraffe... they have long tongues. Anyhoo... how freakin fantastic that you got a fisheye!! I hope you have tons of fun with it. I really think you need to take a picture of yourself with it for your profile. :)

inkyblog said...

you're so funny and sweet. you had me so convinced you had a pet giraffe and boy was i starting to get jealous :) i am so glad you like it!! it's the most fun you can have for $29!!! (and it has been abused mercilessly, dropped in sand, etc, and still works just fine)

thanks for the mention, you're so sweet and ditto on the sharing - i love that you share your wealth of info with us

Marcelle said...

It's your creative mind that keeps me coming back to your blog, of course your Sugar being the main reason...she's the cutest little blog girl ever!

Thanks for sharing - very interesting.

Gayle said...

You have fun with photography like I have fun with gardening. Although sometimes my gardening is a lot of work, too. One of these days I hope to get inspired and take shots like you do. I think the biggest thing holding me back in the (dead) turtle's pace at which my computer responds to anything would take all the fun out of it. I'm glad you got the lens for yourself. You deserve it.

Tanya said...

awww man how cool is that!!! me wants one tooooo!! heheheh
LOVE the shot of Daisy :) And the last one of Sugar :)

Christina said...

Wheeee! How totally fun. You are rocking it and getting some really fun shots, and clearly having fun in the process! Woohoo! LOVE the shadows, including your "giraffe!"

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I LOVE these shots. I am so glad you got that lens for yourself, but WHA? It was only $30?! Insane!

Such fun shots and OHMYGOSH - CAROL! I have loved her work since our littles were LITTLE. Thanks for re-introducing me to her work. YAY!

Paul said...

....just ordered mine. Been so pleased with the Opteka products previously purchased including the x10 macro (I'm aware this has a detatchable macro lens but hey-ho). They offer the casual/amateur a taste of pro images without the price tag! In fact - why bother paying £500+ for a fisheye or wide angle at all? Great images btw.

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