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Monday, August 3, 2009

Finding the Beauty in the Decay

I have blogged before of my family's Century Farm. While part of this farm has been in my immediate family's posses ion, as good portion of it has been in a relatives hands. Recently, my father has acquired that other section. We are thrilled with this. While we had run of nearly all the farm, actually owning nearly all of it eases my father's heart. He is the only family member who currently resides on the farm, and he spends his days tending to the never ending needs of the land.


Last month, I had the first opportunity in years to take a little stroll around the old farmhouse that sits on the property. I am not certain if I have been in the house since my great aunt died back in 1990. The house, which was built in the early 1890's has been mainly abandoned since her death. Her son would periodically stay there for a few days, but that hasn't happened for several years.


As I carefully made my way through the house, memories came flooding in. Piano lessons at the grand piano that sat in the bay window area. Playing dress-up with friends in the upstairs bedrooms. The hard candy my great aunt always offered. All sweet memories that I struggled to keep clear through the reek of the abandoned house. I was careful to touch nothing. I tiptoed through each room describing what it once was. Trying to look past the rotting window coverings, the dead bugs, and the rat feces. Hiding my fear of the Hanta Virus, and grateful Sugar was safe at Grandma's house.


I was intrigued by the aging rooms, and the slightest bit anxious about what lurked in the shadows. There were jokes of ghosts, whispered.....and only slightly believed. I couldn't pry myself away from all the windows. There was just something about the aged window coverings, and the light streaming through them, that begged to be captured.


Each one offered a different memory of peering out the once sturdy windows with delicate coverings.


It was fascinating to see the growing depth of dead bugs in between the panes of glass.


Descending down the once regal staircase, I was taken back by the trail of old abandoned letters that lay so haphazardly about.


Just as I could bare the smell no longer, and thought I might be getting light headed from holding my breath.....


I turned to my companion and said, "Will you do me a favor?"






And she did. ♥

11 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

What a great story to go with your photos. It is such a shame that the house has run down. Where does a girl get a dress like? Great photos.

Marcelle said...

The old house looks very unloved after all these years, then you added the beauty in the yellow dress and the whole atmosphere changed...
The photo's look like a magazine fashion shoot...very impressed and love the way the model kinks her hips...such style and attitude.

Lindy said...

What a fantastic house- eeerm if you ignore the dead bugs and the eeeer ummm rat poo!

Janet said...

What an incredibly beautiful post! The photographs of the old house are simply delightful. I do love the one where the sun shines thorugh the lace! Really lovely!

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY awesome! I want that dress! And that house! This is one of my favorite "stories" you've posted.

Autumn said...

Oh dear, this post made me very sad. If it is the house I think it is, it's such a shame that it has gotten to this point. :( On a happier note, you captured some beautiful shots!

Bryce's momma said...

Hey! Long time no-talkie. These pics are great! Didn't see the Madame Sass thing coming. I think that is how you had it planned. Her dresses are gorgeous. Looks like ya'll had some photo fun. Congrats on your beach pic win!

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

A fabulous story told in such a great way. Love the captures!

Anonymous said...

She is just beautiful!

Christina said...

There is something so compelling about the mix of regal old beauty and disrepair. It is heartachingly sad, but also so lovely. And then add in a lovely model and the sadness slips away!

Chris said...

Finding the beauty in decay?

Corey, you find the beauty in EVERYTHING!

You are my hero -- these are gorgeous!

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